Saturday, May 18, 2013

How come when i sit in a chair my left knee starts to hurt so much?

Ive looked online and do stretches to help it but it doesn't work, it feels like its being pulled up when i sit. Ps I need a bf. Im ready.


James said...

Give it some time and rest and Advil and maybe arrange your desk so you can sit with it fairly straight. Don't rush into getting an arthroscopy, tempting though it may be, as there is good scientific evidence that it doesn't help unless there is a specific injury to be treated.

Unknown said...

Be careful. That kind of sounds like Brudzinski's sign, a clinical sign of meningitis. If you haven't been vaccinated yet you should and if you feel the slightest bit unwell don't fuck around and get to an ER immediately.

David Mason said...

Im very vaccinated:)

russ said...

I agree with James. Had the scope surgery after knee swelling and it did not help at all, once the swelling of the surgery went down, the knee issue came right back.

Eric Robert Jackson said...

OMG - same thing here.

Maybe because I'm 42, maybe I walk too much/not enough. It all started last summer, I got into a friend's car and banged my knee on the dash (short people should be required by law to push the passenger seat back when they get out of the car).

For the next six months I couldn't sit with my knee bent for more than an hour without severe pain. Sometimes it was only 15 minutes and the pain was back. I couldn't drive to work without having to stop and walk around my car. I'd pretend I was checking the tires. I ended up standing in the back of the theater for several shows. I had to ride in the passenger seat on the way to Ptown while a friend drove me. I'm 6'4" and a plane ride was out of the question.

Now I'm ... OK, it's not as bad. I've been on a few flights and I got exit row seating. My doctor said it's just something you have to get used to. Knees can take 6 months to a year to recover from a bump, bruise, or sprain.

But now I have something crazy going on with my left foot (i'm sure there's a movie reference/joke here). My heal feels bruised sometimes. I looked it up and it has something to do with over stretching.

David Mason said...

Hey Eric, I started stretchy my hamstrings and rolling the side of my leg on the roller and I have to say its helped a lot, it probably wasn't from the bang of your knee its this weird thing that if your T-band is tight it pulls on your knee and makes sitting down painful because it pulls on your knee. I also take ibuprofen in the morning and that helps a lot too!