Thursday, May 2, 2013

I was trying to describe the enigma of the 80s to someone born in the 90s, and a person from Bulgaria.

Neither of them assumed the 80s was any different then today socially in regard to gay culture. I mean how could they imagine it, they weren't there, BUT, what I was trying to say was that because you couldn't BE or even SAY GAY and there was basically ZERO representation (this was hard for the 90s person to imagine) was that you could LOOK as GAY AS YOU WANTED because NOBODY was actually gay, not even George Michael. Having very little to no gay representation in the world gave license for EVERYONE TO LOOK INSANELY GAY because you didn't have to worry about ACTUALLY being considered gay. Now if you looked like Poison you are CLEARLY GAY because WE ALL KNOW WHAT A GAY LOOKS LIKE (unfortunately, Im hoping this gets fucked with more in the future) So therefore the STRAIGHTEST THING IN MY WORLD, which was POISON, which EVERY straight kid LOVED and had a t shirt of was BEYOND anything that we call gay today. Neither of the people I spoke with believed that Poison was the most popular band for BOYS along with Gun n Roses BUT THEY WERE I PROMISE. Looking back at this album cover I think "How was this possible?!" but I think I just explained why... and I got fun of for liking Souixie and the Banshees because THAT was gay?!? Whaaaa? If anyone questions my decision processes I'm blaming/thanking POISON.

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Jim said...

I never thought of it that way but you're right! :) Now I'm thinking about all those Stock Aitken Waterman videos (i.e. Bananarama) with everyone in bike shorts and "BOY" hats :)