Thursday, May 2, 2013

Rupauls Drag Race Seaon 5 recap review. DEETOX and RAJA RULE FOR THESE LOOKS...... THEY RULE... Deetox deserves final 3?!?!?!?

Very Simply I thought the recap was very well done and totally cute and a nice surprise as far as the theming and production value. I liked the sporting element of it that showed their stats and likes and dislikes BUT I wish it said HEIGHT and ZODIAC SIGN as well, as those are serious determining factors... Height defines the DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY, and the zodiac just tells me WHAT KIND OF CRAZY THEY ARE. These pics of Raja and Deetox KILL ME... They both look PERFECT... I NEVER say PERFECT. Raja looks like how I wish EVERYONE LOOKED with pale blue skin and a purple robe she clearly owns the Thai restaurant/show lounge at the base of Snake Mountain. Deetoxes look SLAYS Jinkxes Day of The Dead look which is tired actually as far as I'm concerned. Black and White body paint Mugler Villainess Veronica Lake/Jerry Hall/Woman who can hang is AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME- and I actually typed that I didn't cut and paste!

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Anonymous said...

Detox needed to bring it but she didn't. I think most felt that she should be in the top three, but her head wasn't in the game towards the end. Was she still thinking of Ro-lask-tox more than Detox? Did she rely too heavily on Roxxxy for critique and direction? I can't get her awful lime green candy dress out of my head.