Wednesday, May 15, 2013

So I went and bought a Playstation 3 so I could play INJUSTICE...Game Review

I dunno how many of you have seen the ads but in the subways here in New York and online there are ads for the new Mortal Cobat style fighting game called Injustice starring the DC Comic characters, thats Batman, Superman (barf), Catwoman, The Joker, Wonderwoman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Hawk Girl, Etc ETC. I really just wanted to play as Catwoman and beat the shit out of Batman. The game totally lives up to its hype. Its really a lot of fun. These fighting games have evolved nicely and they have added these elements that make the fights more interactive and intriguing. All the characters have these over the top super moves that previous fighting games only dabbled in before. These super moves are basically animated segues that are not only funny but also sexy, creative, and thoroughly entertaining! Aquamans super move is one of my favorites: My favorite characters are actually ones I've never heard of before as Im a Super Villain fan but not a big enough fan to buy the actual comics. Black Adam and Killer Frost are my favorite. There is also a character named Raven that I like but thats mainly because the computer says "Raven" when you choose her and I like to imagine its the RAVEN that we all know and love from RPDR The character I like the most and like playing the most is "Black Adam" He's this sexy "latin"??? (Im going by his accent which sounds "South American") guy who has all the DOUCHEY gestures that err on FETISHY. He does lots of stomps, slaps, and trample moves. When he wins he puts his boot on top of the loser and says "This will always be a world for dictators." but dictators is just another world for "Fetish Tops". Here is a clip of Raven fighting Black Adam. The only bad side I would say is there is this curious lesbian undertone in the design of the female characters. They're all a little too masculine, a little dumpy, and the costumes are a tad clunky for a female. The men are designed perfectly, but the women just feel like they were designed by GAMER DORK LESBOS. They lack the finesse, sex appeal, and super model attitude that they SHOULD have. Any straight guy OR gay guy wants them this way, KLUNKY IS ONLY APPEALING TO BULLDYKES. Sadly, Catwoman who is known for being a statuesque, slinky FETISH GODDESS has been restyled to look like the mushroom dealer at Lilith Fair. One character, Harley Quinn, who is the Jokers girlfriend is SO GROSS. She's straight out of a Renaissance Festival by way of BURNING MAN... Her costume and gestures are so revolting I don't even like beating her up, THATS A PLEASURE I RESERVE FOR PEOPLE I RESPECT! Im willing to bet SHE is the kind of girl that really likes fighting games in reality though so its good to make her relatable to the audience. Hopefully new costumes for the girls will be unlocked and they will be better. The costumes are so important to me. If I don't like the costume I won't play the character. I have blisters on my thumbs now from playing too much but Im going back for more now. Don't judge me?! I don't watch tv and this is better then jerking off. I can't spend all day sitting at my computer writing reviews and posting pictures on my Tumblr whilst I do my real job! Lemme alone! You see ITS YOUR FAULT Im a villain, its YOU who made me this way! ;)


Rhane said...

As an avid gamer and a huge fan of yours, this is probably the best thing I've seen this month.

Steven Didis said...

Imagine a RPDR arcade style fighting game! That would pretty much make my life. There's certainly enough queens for it.