Friday, June 21, 2013

Aiming for the middle has ruined being a villain!

I haven't gone to see the Superman movie because I hate Superman. Superman is the idea that the LOSER DUMB KID at the playground had who WAS NOT CREATIVE OR INTELLIGENT and when you played super heroes and asked what powers you had he's said " All powers!"... DUMB. That just means you couldn't think of one and are uncreative, have no sense of self, and therefore just thought ALL OF THEM was a good idea, which is of course the most uninteresting thing ever and now I want to fry you with my purple laser eyeballs even more! I really do hate Superman, which is why Im a "villain", or as I see it "hero". Being the opposite of creativity is a REALLY BAD THING, creativity is a culmination of curiosity, intellect, inventiveness, unconscious thinking, human spirit and hope. So therefore Superman being the opposite of creativity in his "all things all the time design" is the greatest villain of all time! There is NOTHING human about being omnipotent and of course the masses don't see this and therefore my friends and I are the FUTURE HEROES that the masses are yet to discover... stupid masses;) Anyhow I haven't gone to see the movie because I heard that the AMAZING Ursa and Non characters aren't really in the movie. BOOOO! Ursa is the best live action super villainess of all time! From what I heard from everyone about the movie is that the villain is a BORE. The current process of Hollywood film making of doing nothing but aiming for the middle, always and endlessly has ruined movies for me. I RARELY go ever since I saw that James Bond movie where they cast DENISE RICHARDS in it?! I honestly just sat there and thought "Well I never need to go to a movie again." How could they cast some BEER GIRL as a BOND GIRL?! Bond women are WOMEN. Striking, powerful and unique. Denise Richards is your HOT CAMP COUNSELOR who drives a Firebird. That person certainly has a place in the world that I appreciate it immensely but NOT in a Bond movie and her being in it was the worst example of "aiming for the middle". In the process of going for the mass market they completely lost edge and credibility. A bond woman, just like a villain, is ALL EDGE, in fact the edges are so sharp they're often literally LACERATING! This need for edge doesn't stop at villainy either apparently Lois Lane in the current film is TERRIBLE. In the sorta recent one with Kevin Spacey she was terrible also and Luthers moll played by Parker Posey was great, SHE should have played Lois. Margot Kidder was EXCELLENT in the original. She had CHARACTER and BEAUTY. Sure she was "hard" but that made her a PERSON and likable. They did the same type of casting with Karen Allen in Indiana Jones, she was brassy, boozy, and bold! In the last Indy film they SO AIMED FOR THE MIDDLE it made everyone I know SAD and Karens character was turned into this HOUSEWIFE TYPE with zero edge which was NOTHING like her original character and subsequently it RUINED the movie?! I feel like when they cast Denise Richards in the Bond film they just said "Yeah, she has no character but she's received well in Latin markets and foreigners don't get "character".", again aiming for the middle. Villains have NO EDGE anymore?! The ENTIRE POINT of a villain is that they have license to do/be the things YOURE TOO AFRAID TO Be/Do but WANT TO. Thats why they're literally more colorful/striking, more sexual/objectified, not bound by gender roles, opulent, eccentric aka MY KIND OF PEOPLE. The process of aiming for middle strips away anything that makes the masses uncomfortable which completely strips villains of their "power" and its why many MOVIES KINDA SUCK LATELY. The current experience Ive had going to movies is basically sitting in a theatre, not caring about anyone either way, watching effects and leaving saying "It was ok, I guess but I didn't like it." Villains rights! I want to bring back CHARACTER! Will SOMEONE OUT THERE please read this and have the balls to err on character and personality over the masses? The masses DONT KNOW WHAT THEY WANT but the people who DO know what they want actually care! If not the entire film, just do it for the villains?! Market the movie like a fashion line. You make your money on the masses buying perfume, underwear and sunglasses but you STILL MAKE THE COUTURE to inspire the people who matter otherwise the "point" of the medium is gone and slowly but surely everyone backs away and wonders why they even followed you to begin with. Save character, save the villain, save Hollywood, save the world.

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JamTheCat said...

Loved this rant, you national treasure you. You've clarified what I've been trying to figure out...and, without realizing it, doing in my books.

New slogans -- SAVE THE VILLAINS!