Friday, July 19, 2013

I should be writing something I feel but I don't have anything on my mind?!

Maybe its just the summer but Im just going to ROLL WITH IT because I actually could use some NOT THINKING time. Im a little surprised though. I have nothing to say?! Im also not creative at all, nor sexual. Im just NORMAL. Ehh... Im sorta shocked. Everyone is complaining about the 98 degree temperature here in NYC but I have to say my body LOVES IT. It feels good, there are NO aches or cracky joints its lovely. Id rather have it be like this then COLD. I hate the cold now. I used to like it, now cold and damp send my brain into a tailspin and I try hiding under water in my tub but it only works for about 45 minutes and then I have to go hide under my covers. I am going to write a book, do I need to know what its about before I start? I think the answer is NO. Just like real life, you don't need to know the answers you just have to go for it, roll with it, and learn. Theres no way to know how to do it all until you start and when you start you don't know anything... this philosophy is good to learn. I, like many others, will sit on my ass and shoot my ideas down before I even try not realizing that nobody knows what the fuck their doing when they start, they just START. Thats the main thing just START.

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JamTheCat said...

Write the book. Screw worrying about how it ends. Trust your characters to lead you to the proper paths. Get it done...then deal with the nonsense.

And if you want feedback once it's done, I'm love to read it. And I promise only constructive comments.

Now get to work, bitch! ;)