Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I spent pride naked on a motorcycle at 6 a.m

When they asked me to be the guy from the album cover from the Rauhofer *69 album from the 90s, near naked, arriving on stage at 6 A.M I originally said no, but then I though about it and realized WHY NOT?! I bought that album specifically because of the cover by Aaron Cobbett. I had no idea who rauhofer was etc, I just knew I wanted to be part of THAT. I later ended up working with Aaron a lot for Slick It Up and now that I did this I feel like that circle sort of karmically circled itself nicely. I must admit I TOTALLY LOVED IT and THANK YOU Rauhofer people for asking me :)


Jim said...

They chose wisely :)

Gregory said...

David, you are such a hunk!

Lucien said...

U rocked it perfectly. That album cover was the FIRST image of Aaron I ever saw ! and I fell for his pics ever since