Thursday, August 15, 2013

WOW thank you for all the feed back!

I really appreciate you guys letting me know you still want me to keep writing and read the blog. I promise I will, most likely AFTER I get back from vacation, though I hope to have a lot of free time so maybe i can write while Im there. Ive been listening to Eckhart Tolle lately and one of the more interesting aspects of it is sometimes he says something that is almost identical to something I've written down from my own insight so it makes me feel like his information that can be heavy and abstract is something to actually listen too, which is something I'm not usually open to because I just think most people are dum-dums. I love his completely androgynous tone. It makes me trust him more because the information isn't coming from one specific "side". He also has this SEMI accent which makes him come from a non specific place as well which makes him more neutral as well. Im into it, sometimes I actually get goosebumps listening to it. I feel like the witch baby from Dune.

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