Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I stayed in Versaces Sex Palace on Saturn

Ok so its actually the Sura Design Hotel in Istanbul but when I saw how FIERCELY TACKY it was online I knew I had to stay there. The rooms are made for excessive COCAINE USAGE, every surface is glossy and if its not glossy its grey or purple... EVERYTHING ELSE IS SHINY! Look at the "fees" of the arm rests on the chair, even they had mirror embedded in them. Id say I totally loved it except that the management was EL CRAPPO, The first time I checked in they said they made a mistake and were over booked and asked me to stay at another great hotel down the block.. UM.... No. They then tried to guilt trip me and say people staying there wanted to stay longer and hoped I would understand. I said "If the other hotel is so great let them stay there." So they hated me from the start but please don't offer me TRYORY the first time I meet you. The second time I checked in, because I went to Istanbul before and after Mykonos, they said they only had me reserved for one night even though I had paid for two. They also said I couldn't have guests in my room. As you can see in my video I had guests, and yes the dude I met on Skruff was praying... earning "A-rab Realness" points by the magic carpet load!


Joel said...

I used to love it when they'd have to stop to pray. At least I had plenty of rugs to choose from!

REspin86 said...

I love your puns, "margic carpet load" lol! Only leads me to believe that you're Jasmine ;) but it's not a whole new world and it's not just the carpet you're riding.

Damien said...

I loved that the dude was praying before LOL