Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I was developing a schism in my face...

My left side of my face, and particularly my eye, was becoming slightly more droopy and I just figured it was biology but then the reason why just hit me!? I was laying in bed sorta just thinking/resting/letting free thought come into my head and I realized why it was happening?! I had ONE LAMP on my desk on ONE side and I just thought of those OLDE WORLDE oil paintings of like an old man with a quill pen TOILING by a candle and I realized OMG THATS IT?! Im TOILING with one light on one side so my face is unconsciously sorta squinting?! If that thought had not come to me Id never have figured it out and would have just thought it was nature. So I went out and bought another lamp! So now I have balanced light! My apartment is so dark I need it anyways. Then I had to buy two matching black rectangular shades though because I cant handle non matching shades on one table it'll make me insane.

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