Monday, September 16, 2013

So I just heard the new Ms Spears song ( I say ms spears because I dunno how she spells her name)

I just listened to the new Ms Spears song... ahahahahah. Its basically a list of "fierce" things you're supposed to want, and in it she mentions "You wanna party in France?!" which of course I love because I love the French BUT I love that she actually said that. Because we all know the FRENCH version of ANYTHING is better, fancier, fiercer, classier than wherever youre from. Except when you actually go there and there and find out THERE ARE NO PARTIES and they all wanna come to New York. My friend in Paris just said in reference to the song "After hearing it you know shes never partied in France." I also just realized that the new song is basically this commercial I hope you all remember: Do they even make Vipers anymore? and Its sorta amazing she advertising the hotel she DIES IN?!

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