Thursday, September 12, 2013

So Thierry Mugler is doing a "Follies" show in Paris...

This is of course fierce beyond reason and I am SO excited. In fact im TOO excited. I actually need to lower my expectations or Im going to be disappointed...BUT.. I just watched the video and Im ALREADY disappointed, which is a good thing I guess because its all up from here. Its all CIRCUSY... Ewwwwwwww. Circuses SUCK, they're DEGENERATE PARADES. Street performers in splashy costumes are just EX-CONS WHO CAN DANCE. Im from Manhattan and here street performers are seen as a QUALITY OF LIFE VIOLATION. Watch the video and see if you agree. The women look PERFECT but break dancers, contortionists and scarf twirlers??!?! Oh no?!.... BARF... TIRED...BAD. Thierry, I know you have like 2 months before opening but CHOP THE CIRCUS STUFF!!! Just make it about "Mugler women"...dont bother with the other crap because nobody who is interested in Mugler is interested in STREET PERFORMERS.... sure theyre EXCELLENT break dancers but I dont go to a THIERRY MUGLER production to see Cirque du Soleil .. I go to see my Muglerian fantasies realized. I went to the Mugler themed Cirque du Soleil show Zumanity in Las Vegas ( I flew there specifically to see the show) and it was TERRIBLE. Please dont give me any of that, give me fashion shows, military lines, and VIGNETTES but none involving tired circus shit, did I make it clear how much I hate circuses?!!! I SAY circus and I SMELL animal feces and PEANUTS... Oh god Im gonna throw up.. I dont mind a contortionist so much if its used LIBERALLY and as a side element. Like would I love a ultraviolet lit art deco staircase set with alien goddess descending with a pack of contortionist alien pets on leashes slithering down the stairs in Modernist Erte' fashion...YES.. thats fierce. Would I like it if that staircase morphed into a giant PURPLE SERPENT... EVEN BETTER?!... I swear to god if if its bad Im BOOING because there is nobody I hold in higher esthetic esteem then Thierry Mugler. The link to the video is HERE. The video clip I embedded below is such a simple concept but SO INCREDIBLY GOOD and has NO circus elements: Oh god I love the Crazy Horse so much. If you havent seen them do the "changing of the guard" start at 7:12 I have seen it in person a bunch and I STILL get goosebumps watching it on YOUTUBE. I seriously am sitting here with my HAND ON MY HEART in PURE ZEN watching it. Its the best thing on earth maybe. At least the second best.

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