Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ben Baker is an upstanding and talented DJ in a business sprinkled with a hefty share of douchebags.

So I know Ben will agree with me thats its hard to write about a dj because EVERYONE says the same stuff and it makes you cringe having to hear it. Its always that their favorite dj doesnt play "pots and pans" and "doesnt play top 40 crap" or "does play top forty crap but in a fun new way" blah blah blah. All I can say is that I PERSONALLY like Ben and his music, and out of all the djs I know Ben is my favorite and is also one of the nicest people I know. Hes also smart and an engineer and builds dams for a living besides having a passion for sharing his musical interests with others, aka being a DJ. Lucky for him hes also easy on the eyes but I feel like that almost plays against him because what dj, besides fierce but not hot tranny elf conductor Offer Nissam, isnt good looking? Get over the self induced "Hes probably a douche because hes a hot dj" part of yourselves and allow yourself to appreciate a smart, handsome man who happens to be nice AND talented and appreciate Ben Baker. His sound cloud is HERE Hes playing the weekend everyone is going out for halloween here in NYC at the PAPA Party. Us all about to go see Bens favorite Dj Joe Gauthreaux.

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