Friday, November 15, 2013

Im conducting an experiment with my brain and sex drive... This is nothing new.. but its a new experiment.

I decided Im going to see what its like to not have sexually stimulating images in my face all day. I subscribed to about 8 different tumblrs that are very specifically honed into my sexual interests. So every day multiple times a day Im being inundated with hot hairy buttholes basically so i wanna see what its like NOT to be constantly stimulated by this. It might be interesting, there might be no change.. we shall see. Im thinking Ill be more focused with interpersonal relationships and creative. Who knows though maybe Ill be less creative. Salvador Dali said creativity comes from the testicles which is why woman arent creative. Which for the most part theyre not at all. Which is another reason why I like trannies more, the visuals of a woman but the mind of a man. Dali made Amanda Lear after all. She was his living art in a way. He paid for her sex change in Morocco. The outcome was perfection! Update, its only a few hours later and I can tell you how this experiment is going....I HAVE MORE TIME ON MY HANDS.

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