Friday, November 15, 2013

The video Mick Jagger does NOT want you to see. I have such terrible taste in music. I actually really like this song.....

I dont think ive ever seen a butcher MERRILY PRANCING down a simulated freeway with a dead pig and one hand and a butchers knife at a rakish angle in the other in a music video before. This is a groundbreaking HIGH TENSION political video?! Mick is fierce for being THAT COMFORTABLE as he saches down the road. Why are they all chasing that poor ethnic girl? Clearly she represents communism as shes all in red with PITCH BLACK HAIR and is seen mocking Mick and the laborers chasing her, what a wicked little threat she is! Im assuming the government paid him to make this song or he had to make it for the government as an agreement for release for cocaine possession or something because this is so clearly a corporate controlled piece of "music". Im not sure if I even heard this song when it came out but it is the kind of "Wake up and work and if you dont have a job youre a bad person and WE ARE NOT GOING TO PAY FOR YOUR ASS" CRAP MUSIC I had to hear every day of my life growing up as my mom got ready for work and ready to drive me to school as i lived too far away to walk to school, but I still had to walk home in the snow and it did actually suck. I do actually like this song though, it just came on Gem radio on iTunes, in the 80s section, and I exclaimed YES! I like when hes yells "Stand TALL!" and "MAN AND WOMAN?!" at that part of the song I imagine woman in power suits, arms akimbo walking in unison... its pro Amazon and feminist!?! I like its crappy reagan era "Pick up an axe and lets kill the Russians with industry, were better than them because were not lazy" spirit! After all the greatest rock star of all time says it so it has to be true! We are correct AND GOOD! Oh woah, I just checked it out on Wiki, its produced by Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. Now the pro Amazon element makes sense. OH SHIT?! I just actually watched the video fully through... THEY DROPPED THE MIDGET?!?!?! This is the best video ever?!?!?!? Look at 3:30!

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