Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Who is the fiercest witch on American Horror Story - Coven???

I just read an article forwarded to me by a friend who also happens to love AHS-Coven from Jezebel which gives a run down on who they think the baddest witch is. The writer tries to say its Voodoo Priestess, notice I said priestess NOT WITCH, Marie Laveau. I obviously disagree. First off go read the article because I think its good but I disagree with the final hypothesis. Marie Laveau is a VESSEL for magic. That is FARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR from ACTUALLY POSSESSING the powers of being a witch. Fiona is THE PHALLUS, Marie Laveau is THE VESSEL, both are powerful but when it comes to being ACTIVE Marie Laveau is not it. In my eyes the active one (usually the villain in any story, aka the aggressor, and in this story Fiona the Supreme) has the power. Marie Laveau is RE-active, thats never been attractive to me as a gay. I side with the forces of change not the status quo. Yes Marie is immortal, big whoop thats more of a plague then a power. She is also VERY powerful with her abilities BUT they're not really HER abilities. You see shes not really a witch even, shes a PRIESTESS, so she shouldnt even be considered. She is a vessel for POWERFUL magic but DOESNT NOT personally possess these powers and that is a VERY different thing. As the expression goes "A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" and Marie has NOTHING in her hands. She has to CALL UPON her powers. Shes sort of just a well connected brat who has a rich dad. Weve all met Marie Laveau. Marie Laveau is the daughter of the school Principal, thats all. You can PUNCH HER IN THE FACE in the school yard and there is NOTHING she can do about it except AFTER THE FACT she can get your ass in a lot of trouble. Since when is revenge powerful?! Its the OPPOSITE of powerful! When Fiona, the Supreme witch - meaning she is the top of the line witch who possesses the most powers (though I think this title will be revealed as more "regional" then we know) sets Maries wigs on fire by simply looking at them Marie is powerless to do anything to stop her. Marie can only fight back in retribution, she has to just sit there and take it. Weve ALL been Marie but you have to step it up to become Fiona. Maries kind of half assed, after the fact, chicken shit, mumbo jumbo is for pussies. Granted im a little worried typing that because I dont want her coming for me?!:) I mean Marie Laveau is FIERCE I thoroughly appreciate her, but most powerful??? Um no. I think head to head Kathy Bates' immortal ass could probably dish out a solid couple of rounds to Ms Marie Laveau if it came to a cat fight on Bourbon Street. I mean Im sure Marie could call upon her roll as Tina Turner and GOD I WISH SHE WOULD and FUCK ALL OF THEM UP but really lets be honest. I have to say, I cant see right now who is the most powerful witch, I of course would love it to be Grace Coddington inspired Myrtle Snow and I was soooo happy to see that they revealed that GAYS were allowed to be witches as well so WHO KNOWS... there is STILL HOPE for me!!!?! I may not know who is the baddest witch is but I assure you it is NOT Marie Laveau at all and as much as I love Fiona arent we all just waiting for Stevie Nicks to show up and watch as ALL THOSE BITCHES COWER AND BOW?! I know you were expecting "Stand Back" but I cant wait seems more appropriate and its just so.... CORRECT?!

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