Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Daily Dreams... The Joker!

Ok so last nights dream was kind of funny in concept but while I was experiencing it I was angry and agitated. I was being questioned by some government agency but they really didnt seem to know what they were doing but had the authority to hold me there so I was extremely agitated. the reason why me and my group of friends were being questioned was because this idiot person we all know was acting suspicious and I was angry that that imbecile got me involved in something. The person questioning me told me in a cocky dickhead manner "I dont think youre going to be able to keep your money." insinuating that they were going to take it all even though I could see know reason why or how this was possible but I was so angry I wanted to strangle the guy. I actually remember thinking "If I kill this guy Im definitely going to jail so dont do it." While this was going on in like some kind of airport style building there was also a "JOKER RIVAL" going on. This meant that in this old town hall type thing with a balcony in the back sorta like the court house in "To Kill a Mockingbird" or the Elks lodge in "Paris Is Burning" I was involved in this community theatre type thing were everyone got together and did performances based on THE JOKER from Batman!! I originally signed up for it then DID NOT WANT TO DO IT. People were doing lip synchs to their own remix of Bat Dance, I actually appreciated it but wanted to not have to do it as I had NO IDEA what I was going to do. I saw a group of people come in dressed like X-men and though I appreciated it I thought it wasnt exactly in theme and thought it was a little sloppy that they couldnt do the task at hand and had to do their own theme. Meaning they probably already had these costumes and wanted to use them again.... Cheap!... cute but a little cheap.
Then later in the night I dreamt I was about to go to a Super Hero Convention with my friend Anthony but we were at CVS buying things and this lady was in a super hero costume and ALMOST looked like Angelina Jolie. It seems like there is often a sequence in my dream where someone ALMOST looks like someone famous. Im not sure what this means but its often repeated. I cant remember the rest. There was something about being at a race track and loading Anthonys kayak or something by his neighbors garage???... AGAIN this all seems related to my Dad. Ugh WHY?! Im over unconscious dreams about my dad.

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Anonymous said...

David, love, love, love you, but with the addition of your dream descriptions, this blog has "officially jumped the shark." I stayed for the product placements, the SIU features, your daily dudes and your general musings about gay life and in particular gay life in NY. The dreams are best left for your journal so you can read them to your therapist. Just sayin' I know you think I'm hatin' but I'm not. Please bring back the OLD HoV!!!!