Sunday, December 29, 2013

Daily dreams

So Ive been away a few days so theyre kind of jumbled but Ill try and remember them:

Dream 1. (This is the second time Ive had this dream and I actually have deja vu while dreaming it and cant tell if its real and if I actually died this way and my current life is just a continuation of a soul that has actually "died" several times. A belief I actually wonder is real in 'real" life.) Im in this plane that has to Re-land or Take off (I cant decipher) on this very small like freeway type thing with over passes on it and its got walls on each side because its actually built into the ground which make it very difficult so you have to land in this very small window of opportunity or you crash into the overpass. The location sorta seems like its Rio or LA or something.
In reality I keep asking myself if this really happened because it seems so real but no place Ive been requires this.. I THINK??? It almost feels like Im blocking it out not to remember it but thats what trying to remember a dream feels like so its very confusing

Dream 2. There was this alien that was hiding amongst people and whoever found it got secret magical powers. I knew where it was and what it was. It was like this triangle shaped blob that would mask itself as an inflatable beach toy thing and it could morph into different styles. Like sometimes it would be red with orange fringe or pink with googly eyes etc. It sorta looked like Patrick from Sponge Bob Square Pants but was a pyramid shape. It would hide up hanging with the other inflatables on the awning of the beach store. I forget the rest of the dream or the point really.

Dream 3. I am sleeping with KEITH RICHARDS (ack?!) and I feel weird about it. We havent had sex but hes in his tight whitey underwear and Im in bed with him. Hes sleeping and I get up in the morning wondering what to do. Im nervous about walking on the carpet because of the needles scattered all over it lost in the shag carpeting. He wakes up and is kinda pissy and sees me as someone trying to get something from him but I honestly just wanna have conversation and hear stories. He starts injecting heroin in his arm and maybe takes his teeth out. I ask him to tell me a story and hes angry about it basically saying "You're only here for my money so stop trying to be nice and lets just have sex and be an honest whore." This is AWKWARD and then who I think is Paul Stanley of Kiss shows up but it turns out its not. All his "friends" show up but theyre all just sycophants and I leave. He lives in a house at the end of a dock in "Venice Beach" and I walk back down the dock thinking how awkward the entire thing was and how I feel like I missed a good opportunity but it all got turned around but actually it was just a shitty situation and never shoulda happened in the first place because it was never going to be what I wanted anyways. (Im thinking this is actually a very clear representation of my relationship with my dad. Awkward, weird, addiction, you want something out of it that will never happen so just get the hell out of there before it kills you.)

The reason why I posted the Meg Mucklebones gif from Legend is because they modeled her after Keith Richards.

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