Sunday, December 29, 2013

I went on a romantic holiday to Vermont and it actually was nice.

So after having a lovely X-mas holiday I decided that I'd take the bf up to Vermont for a cozy moment. It worked. I was a little apprehensive about staying in a B&B being a gay couple and all. I know Vermont is all educated and stuff but STILL its a random strangers house. So I shose the one that was run by a WHITE LADY and a JAPANESE GUY because I figured they would be the most opne minded because of their mixed heritage moment. The inn was actually totally nice. The rooms (our suite was two separate rooms each with a private bathroom(NICE) a steam shower in one and a jacuzzi in the other. The bedroom was very YE OLDE LAYDEE REALNESS with a canopy bed that had this NET lace covering that I just wanted to get tangled in for comic effect in the middle of the night. The other room had BOLD CHINOISERIE wallpaper and a fireplace with a private balcony. We just ate candy and drank cocoa and hot apple cider, there was a machine in the room for it, and watched the fire and had sex by it in PAGAN FASHION. As I fucked him the fire grew larger almost like the horns of a stag and I thought THIS IS FUCKING FIERCE the flames are growing from our magical energy! No, I didnt spill the poppers! Actually ive been not using poppers since I started dating him and its nice but even still I crave them a TINY bit now and then but Im into this HEALTH KICK. I had to stop at some point so why not now. I feel like doing them every time you have sex CANNOT be good. Anyhow the place was called The Inn at Ornsby Hill so if youre looking for a cozy moment try there, it was worth it and the breakfast in the morning was great and then WE GOT THE HELL OUT OF THERE and came back to nyc to fuck more. Today he returned the favor of the fucking and put a belt around my neck, HELD IT IN HIS TEETH and RAVAGED ME spread eagle on the bed while he held my legs apart..again FUCKING FIERCE.
I feel like there is just something men need where they need it rough now and then. I have no history of being beaten etc but I SWEAR im so much happier after getting RAPED. It just calms me the fuck down and makes me happy. I think unconsciously men actually like a guy to rape them and have rough sex consensually because it gives them a sense of protection. Like if this guy can over power me then im safe in his hands, and therefor I can finally relax without fear of death from an outside force (which is an unconscious primal fear).


APcreative said...

I love how you write david! and also how totally honest and open you are about your duality of roles with sex. Really helps me out since I hate fucking labels too. Sex is sex, sometimes you wanna fuck a hole like a dog and other times you want to be raped. Feels refreshing to hear another individual who shares this stuff, sometimes I feel like i am the only one who is upfront about enjoying all aspects of sex. - alex p

APcreative said...
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