Thursday, December 5, 2013

My sister may have had a child but I still refuse to be interested in people sharing about their flesh turd.

I think I like being "mean" to my sister when she shares about her child more then I like being "mean" to anyone else. Of course my sister knows Im kidding BUT IM ALSO TOTALLY NOT. Im not buying that kid one thing till its five at least, six was just to push the point home. "Poppa" is what we called my grandfather who lived through the depression and was famously old school New York and far from a spendthrift. He once yelled at me as a child when I purchased a rainbow snowcone for about .85 cents and exclaimed "YOU'LL BUY ANYTHING! THATS JUST ICE!!!"


Rico said...

It is actually harder as the 'nephew/nieces' get older, after hardly ever a 'thank you' for any gift or money, to stop the birthday, Christmas gift giving. I mean I don't remember getting presents from aunts or uncles ever. And birthday gifts should definitely stop when childhood stops. Sometimes I never knew if they got the gifts form the silence.

Fredo said...

I FEEL LIKE I'VE FOUND MY MISSING TWIN! Every ounce of that post are my sentiments TO. THE. T.

JamTheCat said...

I had too many nephews and nieces to deal with. They each got a stuffed animal on their first birthday and that was it till they were in college.