Friday, December 6, 2013

So far Im pleased with the new dragiators for Rupauls Drag Race... Though does that red headed pussycat whos named April Carrion know that carrion means ROTTING DEAD BODY????

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 6 Cast, Day 1 I made some comments next to their names... 1.Milk Queen - (Im worried this is could be another "The Princess" catastrophe) 2.Vivacious - (Looks saucy verbally hopefully, also looks like a bulldyke Pointer Sister) 3.Adore Delano (The correct modern look but maybe TOO "today" like the dykey pointer sisters look is SO old school its actually NEW at this point) 4.April Carrion - (Again I HIGHLY DOUBT she knows Carrion is a lump of rotting dead flesh and I bet she thought it was pretty and classy like CARRINGTON.) 5.Joslyn Fox - (I appreciate, but that wig is so thick and wiggy, you can tell she wears A LOT of perfume.)


Rico said...

Seeing those photos I know why Radiant Orchid is Panatone color of 2014. Deep purple now. Show off your Liz Taylor Amethyst Collection.

Anonymous said...

Maybe "Carrion" was an abbreviation for "Carry On" referencing Donna Summer's song? Looking forward to your commentary on the new season. Btw do you have ANY idea why RuPaul ONLY wears evening gowns? I don't think I've ever seen him wear pants or short dresses walking down the runway.

David Mason said...

I was told that Carrion is a Puerto Rican last name. but WHY WOULD YOU PICK THAT?!