Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The NEW Slick It Up holiday Commercial! YAYAYAYAYAY!

Slick It Up Holiday Commercial from david mason chlopecki on Vimeo.

The commercial with music by George Alley is based on the three gifts of the Wise Men (Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh) and three of the major holidays X-mas, Hanukkah, and Saturnalia. I wanted to do Kwanzaa so bad but its hard for a white gay guy to do that, even though it would have been MAJOR! I wanted it to be Jonte (Beyonces choreographer who was in the Trophy Pony commercial) yelling "UNGAWA MY KWANZAA!" Like "LEGO MY EGO" but Ungawa, debatably, means "come to" but also is the made up word Tarzan used when talking to animals so it is sorta RACIALLY QUESTIONABLE but I wanted to use it because I LOVE THE WORD and its what the BROWN MANNEQUIN in the SWAMP said at the shitty theme park I grew near when you entered "Jungle Land" which was the same as the SWAMP across the street from my house.. Factoid: The three gifts of the wise Men JUST SO HAPPEN to be the three gifts you would present Apollo for Saturnalia, which if you arent aware is the original (at least as far as we know though there very well could have been something before that that they ripped off) holiday that the Christians stole and based Christmas off of. Jesus wasnt born on X-mas its a fact. I think thats sorta shadey and unfierce so this was my attempted to BRING SATURNALIA BACK, or at least make some room and give us some options and take away the false seriousness of Christmas and letting us just have a good time celebrating WHATEVER....while simultaneously EXPOSING OPPRESSIVE LIES! lol The essence of holiday spirit is within me and its TRUTH AND LOVE! I hope you appreciate the commercial. It stars the two time world champion of kick boxing and ME. The green goo is neon green acrylic paint, its harmless and non toxic, and it took four takes, and full showers and re-oils of me, to get right. Hanging upside down with one arm, swathed in baby oil, sucking on a candy cane while holding a mouth full of neon green paint is not so easy! Happy Holidays! Please buy gifts at Slick it Up or I'll starve and die and then for Christmas instead of gifts youll have HORRIBLE HAUNTING GUILT because I died of malnutrionS! Yes, i said malnutritionS! The extra S is to highlight the fact that I didnt die just one way but multiple horrible starving deathS! So buy a hat or a tshirt or some shorts or a full latex bodysuit with zippers on the butt!

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Malibu Eric said...

Great sexy ad! You have got to sell the amazing Frankincense mask/head piece, WOW. (PS: wore the Leatherette Eye Mask to a Thanksgiving cocktail party, a total hit)