Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My calls on the new girls for Rupauls Drag Race Season 6, 6, 6. Season of the Beast. Three things about each queen

There are a lot of contestants so to make it easier for all of us just watch below and after each consult my call and see if you agree or not. I'll say three things about each contestant: 1. Adore Delano: Cute enough with a good wig. A little bit A LOT like Sharon Needles which isnt so bad as its already been a couple seasons and what was once the "other" in drag world is now the norm so you cant blame her. Smart enough to know someone from the 80s is a specialist in drag. 2. April Carrion: ( I go a tad crazy on her and its really not about her I must say, she just walked in the door at the wrong time.) This is bordering on cultural elitism but Im SO BORED OF THE PUERTO RICAN CLICHES. "My boooooyfriend" I think EVERY SINGLE Puerto Rican on RPDR says "My booooyfriend" if I dated a Puerto Rican I would be so vigilant about them not just operating on a system of cultural cliches that Id be a terminally rotten cunt but to me these cliche statements are PERFORMATIVE LIES and I find it INSULTING, DISINGENUOUS and SAD that they feel they should perform them AND THINK IM GOING TO GO ALONG WITH THEM. Next season can we NOT have a Puerto Rican from Puerto Rico? New Yoricans are totally different! Puerto Ricans being on every season of RPDR have lasted longer than Rosie Perezs' career which was WAY TOO LONG. I always HATED Betty Boop and to me Betty Boop is the GOLD STANDARD of Puerto Rican femininity. Did she just misuse kai-kai? I appreciate the nails. 3. BenDeLaCreme: I dont get the name. Is it a midget? This little scraper is something to watch out for I bet, short people have nothing to lose and shes forced but funny. 4. Bianca Del Rio: Other people might be, but Im sorry Im just not laughing, theres just something too self aware about it while she tries to come off as casual?? Im not sure, Im open to another opinion and Id be happy to change it but Ive seen her live after people saying she was funny and I was like "OH, THIS IS NOT FRESH and I dont want to drink another vodka cranberry to try and make her funny.". Not a New Yorker and I feel shes trying to do a "New Yorker Schtick". Hate her eye make-up. 5. Courtney Act: The winner. Has actual talent and looks which means she doesnt have to put so much psychic energy into a "performance" to seem interesting which leaves more energy for her talents which is the cycle for success. Best interview on here by ten fold. 6. Gia Gunn: I bet she gets chopped second after a lip synch for your life in the first episode where she does a fierce hair gesture that saves her which we all appreciate but still think she should go home next week. Tim Gunn???? REALLY?!...hmmm ok. hmmm... huh. I guess thats a good thing. A kabuki background?! A KABUKI BACKGROUND?!?!? Blink..... blink. 7. Joslyn Fox: Seems like a sweet boy who created a personality of a pretty girl because people were mean, many of us have done the same thing in our own way including myself in a reverse fashion so I have sympathy. In all honesty saying you want to win without putting queens down is attractive. Wig is a little wiggy 8. Kelly Mantle: How do you spell Kristine Beransky? Great wig. Funnier than I thought and was pleased to hear her friends are the wackos Tammy Brown and Deetox meaning she has good taste. 9. Laganja Estranja: The most interesting looking. The EXACT OPPOSITE of what I just said about Courtney Act. I hope she gives weird body shows. 10.Magnolia Crawford: AAAAAAHHHHH NOOOOOSSSSEEE CONTOUR MAKING ME STARE NON STOP I LOOOOVE IT! Sacrificial lamb that goes home first :( I feel bad but... 11. Milk: Sandra Bernhardt. My club name in the 90s was Milk too. He likes Raven most and likes weird so he has good taste but isnt winning. 12. Miss Darienne Lake: Smart but nervous but funny. This is ROTTEN, TOTALLY ROTTEN, but I think shes losing weight and because of this has a wrinkly arm fold which is distracting and works against her talents. Im assuming Vicki Vox is on next year and wins because a big girl doesnt win this season either. 13. Trinity K Bonet: WOW MORE NOSE CONTOUR YAY?! I was ready to write her off but she actually seems like a cool dude, nice, real, which is refreshing and the desire to be judged by a winner I totally agree with. Im not charmed by that SLOW southerner thing though, to me it comes off as passive aggressive. Dont make me WAIT FOR YOU to spit something out! She sorta reminds me of Darcel from Solid Gold and I really like that. HOLY SHIT I remember her doing Union of the Snake coming out of the basket?! she was GORGEOUS and the ESSENCE OF SEX. I would marry Darcel. I DO NOT REMEMBER THE EGYPTIAN NUMBER!... 14. Vivacious: She didnt just say she liked Leigh Bowery as shes dressed like a Pointer Sister (Which I cant say is wrong)??? A nice enough person. Oh she works in STRAIGHT CLUBS... this says a lot, and that is CLOWN SHOW GOOPEY HEAVY OBVIOUS COSTUMES FOR UNEDUCATED CONSUMERS. I dont need to ingest what shes offering. Ok so my top three going simply by these clips NOT first episode are Courtney Act, Kelly Mantle, Adore Delano (because the unwashed audience will "get her" like how Jinx Monsoon won because shes for the masses.) Hey Look! Courtney agrees with my calls:

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