Monday, December 16, 2013

Worst fears came true?!:( Mugler Follies scores 4 out of 10 in review?!!!

My friends who have impeccable taste went to see the Mugler Follies show in Paris. They told me it was BAD, I anxiously put my knuckle between my teeth as though I was about to get a HEMORRHOID CUT OFF and asked "How bad?" They said "1 out of 10?" I said "Yes." Expecting the worst I said "Youre going to say a 7." They said "4." GASP SHOCK HORROR?!?!? My immediate comment was "The stage is too big right?" They said YES. I knew this watching the clip. The stage is far too big. The Crazy Horse in Paris is the best thing ON EARTH and the stage is about as big as midwestern refrigerator. This is shocking when you walk in but once the performance starts you totally get it as the women completely FILL the stage and the effect is incredible, you become totally immersed and hypnotized. Seeing this clip of the follies I just thought "UGH, they arent learning from the best, and are letting their ego take over and JUST LIKE EVEY OTHER TRANNY OUT THERE are making the mistake that LONGER PERFORMANCES and BIGGER STAGES are better." That is THE PLAN FOR TOTAL FAILURE. I prescribe to the notion that your performance should be SHORT AND TIGHT, dont let your ego ruin a good thing. Lighting is also SUPER IMPORTANT and they said that is also the other main problem, CHEAP LIGHTING. Lighting can make anything cheap look GREAT, or anything GREAT look CHEAP. Dont fuck around with lighting! They said my PRE REVIEW of the show was totally accurate and "YES, that is exactly it, its CIRCUSY." OH GOD IM GONNA DIE. CIRCUSY?!... THE WORST THING ANYTHING COULD EVER BE CALLED. Im so saddened, now I know why "George Michael had that ? added to the end of the Too Funky video he did with Mugler. Mugler is a genius but Im willing to bet hes not the best at listening to others and has a FIERCE crew of "yes men". Please dont get me wrong, Im so glad this exists. Its just that I care for this aesthetic so much that I want it to succeed very badly! Its still the beginning so maybe they can make some changes and take it from a circus to an imaginative, classy, fetishistic, fantasy which Im pretty sure is what everyone wants. I bet Mugler started working with, and got backing and connections from, someone from Cirque du Soleil which im sure at the beginning seemed like a great opportunity because those kind of resources make producing a show much easier but that also means that a lot of decision making was already preconceived and consciously or not those cliche "cirque" elements that weve seen a million times just get embedded into the foundation of the show so no matter how good it is this element that nobody is interested in seeing is at its core. Perhaps this show can be scaled down dramatically, have the circus acts removed, and be a tight gorgeous little gem that runs forever like The Crazy Horse.

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Rico said...

If only they could do a cabaret like the one in 1982 Cafe' Flesh, but only add 'the gay'. I think that movie is fabulous and educational, and Richard Belzer is in the audience as the porn acts perform. I mean the staging of The Rat Fucking and the Baby Drag? Yes, the 80s were not all bad. And I am so happy my friends transferred the VCR tape to CD for me this Christmas. It was a midnight movie hit also in Ann Arbor Mi. It is beyond porn. Artsy Fartsy but fun.