Thursday, January 16, 2014

Candida!!! Im killing it! Do you know youre infested with it??? Your body is RIDDLED WITH PARASITIC FUNGUS!!!

So this whole Candida thing I really got into lately and what Im surprised to say is I ACTUALLY FEEL BETTER and somehow have no sugar cravings???! ME?! No sugar cravings?? Its bizarre!
Are you aware of what Candida is? If not its ok, I didnt know what it was two weeks ago either but once I knew I was like I GOTTA GET IT OUTTA ME!
Now a few of my friends are like THAT LADY IS CRAZY, but I just think they dont like the idea that something could be out of their control and instead of accepting the fact that MAYBE there is something out of their control they exclaim "THIS IS CRAZY AND YOURE STUPID AND IM FINE THE WAY I AM!" This is the same thing people say every time theyre asked to question their world about anything. The cure seemed SUPER EASY and super low risk to get rid of it so why not try. SO I DID. Basically the cure is to take probiotics in groupings of ten or more strains (easy to do with a refrigerated pill the one I take has 33 strains) and get a doctor prescribed anti fungal. I LOVE how my friends against this idea of cleansing yourself of Candida claim their reason for saying that this is all a scam and THAT LADY IS CRAZY is because of the heath risks involved in taking an anti fungal, which are barely existent, BUT THEY ALL TAKE COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF G AND STEROIDS which therefore of course vetos this supposed concern and validates my argument that if youre against this I highly doubt its the idea of curing yourself of Candida over growth that is the issue but more about you needing to retain the UNCONSCIOUS FANTASY OF CONTROL AND THUS AN EVEN DEEPER SENSE OF IMMORTALITY.
The supposed symptoms of candida I had almost every one of so thats why I was like "why not give this a shot?" I was anxious/depressed for no reason, had a foot fungus, craved sweets nonstop ( I would eat at least 6-8 doughnuts a week, a pint of ice cream, cake, candy candy candy, I couldnt eat enough sweets and supposedly this fungus is responsible for making you crave more sugar because it lives off sugar) so when I started actually NOT craving sweets a week after starting the antifungal and probiotic I was really surprised THEN it got really weird when I just FELT BETTER. My body unexplainably just feels better. Its like a combination of feeling less tired, more present, more "me", more engaged. Im VERY HAPPY with my personal results and if youre a type like me who figures "why not give it a shot?" I say go for it. It could possibly change your life... not craving sweets is VERY STRANGE! Its all I used to do?!


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

OMG David, I just researched all of my symptoms earlier this week and realized I have candida. I see my Dr. tues. What probiotic do you take and what anti fungal?

Unknown said...

Hey, Are you still feeling better as a result of taking probioticsor was that a phase? Is your sugar craving down as well?

David Mason said...

I am feeling better and my sugar crazing is way way down, like surprisingly. I dont even crave sugar at all.