Tuesday, January 21, 2014

New Maleficent trailer 2... For WOMEN ONLY!

I love how they made this so clearly to appeal to women. Maleficent in this trailer is seen as a LOVE STORY with FANCIFUL MUSIC about KISSES and BABIES and SECRETS and not the threat of a villainous witch but of ANGELINA JOLIE herself ruining your relationship! Ill still go see it though everything I said before I still agree with and this trailer is less interesting but at least more cohesive. The other trailer was jarring and looked like it was all the mistakes of Alice in Wonderland done over again. This looks like they are at least a little more restrained and smart about the cgi usage though of course they need to use it FAR FAR FAR LESS and having an art director apply some smart STYLING like the original animated feature would be nice but that would take some brains and they seem to just sorta wanna "impress" us by blowing their cgi load across the screen instead of making a sophiticated stylized film which is too bad because the original animated feature was so well done in that way. It seems like things in terms of disneys "taste level" have gotten worse. It seems BACKWARDS that the CARTOON is classier and smarter then the feature film but thats because disney has so many many many more cooks in the kitchen and mouths to feed. The classic "nine old men" that were responsible for the brilliance and beauty of old Disney would be disappointed. Disney needs to re-establish a high end taste level. Perhaps they need to do some classy "small batch" films to appeal to the upscale educated fans and artists because its those people who are responsible for making disney the most respected brand and the people who stop it from becoming a Warner Brothers/ low end moment. Its becoming the "Rome wasnt destroyed from barbarians on the outside but by the barbarians on the inside" situation. You degenerate your core and loose the brains behind the machine and you become something nobody respects and when the smart people turn their back you may as well just forget about an enlightened future and start selling your wares at Spencer Gifts.

The original trailer:

Which I wrote about here.

Ps Has anyone else noticed that the stuttered almost rattling sound that is clear at the 1:25 mark of trailer two has just become the "sound of growing evil" Its not a sound that makes any sense but its a great effect and it is my guess that it all stems from MEDUSA in the original Clash of the Titans who had the rattle tail (which made no sense as she wasnt a rattle snake but ok whatever I get it it does add a great element) I just think its interesting to know (maybe) the abstract cultural history of this sound effect. It HAS to be from Medusa its used everywhere now even where it makes no sense at all but adds an element of danger. Does it harken of the stuttered gasp you make when youre startled? I think thats what it taps into on an unconscious level. Hear the sound Im talking about at the 00:30 second mark and thereafter. Its a great device used to enhance the tension

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