Thursday, January 9, 2014

The flash frozen rat picture that my assistant took that I posted went viral but they didnt notice the other one also!

The flash frozen rat was pretty shocking. I dunno how the fuck it happened. The building two doors down is RAT INFESTED as though it was built out of forme d'ambert and now that it froze that rats that came out at night got instantly frozen I think? Or they were in a garbage bag that got tossed out and couldnt get out in time??? I have no idea but the first one was just sitting there in suspended animation and the other two were locked in an icy embrace!!!
The upside down rat is the same rat as the single rat pic. A man from Africa came over and hit it with a hammer for some reason and left it there upside down for someones dog or just SOMEONE to eat.

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rashasha said...

your frozen rat antics are precious and give me life