Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I want new words! or at least people to have a broader use of terms...

I think people confuse extravagant male with feminine or "lady" far too often. They are VERY DIFFERENT. Ive never/rarely?, but I think never, seen a biological woman be flamboyant or extravagant on her own without the backing of a gay guy doing it. I think that Woman/Lady/Feminine (however you want to tag it) and EXTRAVAGANT MALE have to be made very clearly differently as they really dont have much in common besides being the "object" which isnt enough to pair them as similar. To prove this just look at any other animal and males are often extravagant and showy and females usually just arent (Yes I know this is for safety purposes as females are made to blend because you cant have a bright purple mother tending to babies in the woods) but still. I know this isnt news but people call me a lady a lot and i think its an insult because I find it boring and when I hear that I think how unfortunate for them that they have such limited concepts in perception of people. I want a new word besides a gay slur.
I feel extravagant is VERY VERY VERY aggressive, beyond PUNK even because its not obvious and much more personal. Punk feels more like a costume you can buy but its the same concept and nobody calls punk "feminine". This word usage of confusing feminine to extraordinary is actually a mistake. Extravagance is SEVERE and BOLD which are quite the opposite of "lady" or "feminine" which are both very different.
I think bullfighters are a great example of this concept. Call me crazy but I find this extravagance actually daring and therefore more “masculine” in a way, or at least more assertive as a female could very easily embody this strength and it wouldnt be masculine but it would be assertive. Its very in control and attractive to me no matter the sex.


Antinous said...

You could be a dandy or a beau, although princox and coxcomb have a nicer mouth feel. A quick perusal of the history of Japanese costume should convince anyone that brightly colored silks aren't incompatible with extreme aggression. In fact, warriors have generally worn more bling than drag queens. You could hardly be more flamboyant than a hussar.

Anonymous said...

I like RuPaul's term "Lady Boy." Speaking of which are you going to a Drag Race viewing party? One more week until the premiere!!!!