Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Rupauls Drag Race Season 6 Episode 1... AKA Why the need for control and Ben de la Creme is bad for culture as a whole.

YES you can watch the first episode of Rupauls Drag Race if you download the Logo app! Search Logo Tv to get it. This season will be very very good. Im very excited and feel like I can finally exhale. Usually the first few episodes are a BORE because you dont know the characters and everyone is trying too hard. Well theyre still all trying too hard, but at least most of them look pretty good doing it. Which is a much better start then some other queens, some other seasons.. The token asian is going against stereotypes and puts the DIM in DIM SUM and THEN SOME!.. but MAYBE she's dumb like a fox??? MAYBE? Kinda like how season 2 winner Tyra Sanchez was. Like they dont have a GED and got fired from Best Buy for stealing but they can surprise you with a good line now and then which shows that maybe there is something going on in there they just never got a book as a kid and probably got a lot of second hand pot smoke. Her legs are too short though and length of leg, or proportions there of, is super important to me and someone who excels in the leg dept is her competitor Laganja Estranja. (Im not going to actually look up how you spell all their names, they havent earned that investment of work from my end yet) Shes annoying right now but isnt as annoying as her pre interview and looks pretty good but im thinking that she'll fall to another contestant, Milk, because theyre sorta the same somehow maybe? I cant say yet but it seems like Laganja Estranja is more physical talents which I feel only takes you to the top half but not any further (Carmen Carrera). One of the other queens that stood out to me was BLACK LADY DRAG QUEEN CLICHE. I dont remember her name because she was BLACK LADY DRAG QUEEN CLICHE, thats all I could see. OF COURSE someone who is a boring cliche likens herself to creative mastermind LEIGH BOWERY and how shes different because shes a New York Club Kid.... WHAAAAA!!? IVE NEVER SEEN YOU IN MY LIFE?!?!? Im pretty sure if you were a legendary club child I would have met you out or very likely IN MY OWN HOME! Girl stop lying to the cameras hoping that the midwest just believes you because Im here to say YOURE A LIAR!!!... not to mention your costumes are SHITTY. You cannot use a foam wig holder as a finished accent to your garment! CHOP!
As I mentioned all of the queens are trying too hard at this point but the queen who disturbs me the most is the painfully performative Ben de la Creme. Now shes EXTREMELY POLISHED and well crafted. I cannot read her on any form of "quality of entertainment" violation. Shes very well done BUT her extraordinarily rehearsed TALKING AT YOU behavior only works one kind of place, and its a HORRIBLE place, a CIRCUS. Her schtick works if shes standing before a stunned crowd of slack jawed wahoos who dont know what to do at all and are standing there frozen and in desperate need of direction. THERE her kind of schtick works well. So Im insulted that she just brought me to the circus. Why? Let me tell you. First off IM SMARTER THAN THAT SO PLEASE DONT INSULT ME AND TALK AT ME LIKE SOME STREET MAGICIAN because Im not interested in being a victim of your charade and likened to cattle! Second, in that kind of venue a drag queen is a WEIRD FAGGOT CLOWN so its less about a person being respected for actual talents, creative or interesting styling, impressive make up skills etc its just about "IS THAT A MAN AND BOY ITS FUNNY TO STARE AT A GAY GUY IVE NEVER SEEN ONE BEFORE. IS THIS WHAT THEYRE LIKE?? I IMAGINED THIS IS WHAT THEYRE LIKE?". Therefore the entire fantasy world that she has placed herself master of is a NEGATIVE world where shes not exalted or appreciated or respected but more of a DANCING MIDGET UNDER A SPOT LIGHT. Sure she MAY BE IN CONTROL which as a gay person I totally relate to the need for but I dont think its in the healthiest most positive decision and it makes me resent her for thinking she needs to control me and I feel bad that shes brought me to this state of mind with her. Its a DARLK PLACE AND I DONT WANT TO BE THERE MOMMY! I actually dont see her like the way she thinks people see her so I actually DONT LIKE HER for thinking this badly of herself and of me. It feels creepy and uncomfortable. Its like Im willing to go along with it FOR HER, but Id rather not and wish she thought higher of herself so that she didnt need to try and create this negative fantasy world and control me in it that way. All of us who create looks and a persona simultaneously create a world that we are a master of so her choosing to live in this kind of particular world creeps me out and I FEEL BAD FOR HER. For example Ru does drag and it slays you because she is IMPRESSIVE IN MANY MANY WAYS yet she greets you as another person, not someone in need of guidance. Yes the hair, heels, make up, and corset create a "wall", we all create armour in some way or another to defend ourselves psychically but Ru isnt desperately controlling the entire sequence. She's not speaking FOR YOU like Ben seems to, Ru is sharing WITH YOU. Maybe if Ben shows herself to be a stronger cooler person, and its very possible shes clearly brave and talented I will take this all back but for now, first episode, shes the reason why people hate gays. I hope I eat my words! She has a lot of talent, I just wish that need for control wasnt there. I need to take a lesson from my own writings!!!
Now back to Ru. I think Rus premiere look was her best yet. I love ELECTRIC PASTEL (aka iridescent) on her! Her skin tone is just the nicest. All my favorite colors and finishes just look so great on her. Shes sorta the perfect "human color". Her hair was gorgeous and in it she placed the GLITTERY PEACOCK FEATHERS I got her for X mas last year so I was super happy to see that little glimmer of joy!
Ps Ben De La Creme stealing Michelle Visages make up is also weird.


Martha Stewart said...
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Anonymous said...

What, download?! I imagined you watching the first episode as part of some grand gay viewing party! I'm as giddy as a school girl waiting for Monday. I will be shrieking at the TV for sure!

Rico said...

I just watched and your critique where very helpful and spot on. That Ben Gay Creme Queen was giving me "Angie" in the original Where the Boys Are.
The Black Queen is too full of herself and funny I never heard of her and I always followed DETAILS magazine when it was all about Downtown Club Kids with Michael Musto reporting, Diana Brill and The Amazing Unicorn always mention. (actual goat with a uni-brow). I know I lived in the Midwest but popped in to NY during the 70 and 80s. The most amazing club to me was G G Barnums with Drag queens who new how to party and trapeze acts.

m00ney said...

interesting how you didnt mention kelly mantle or the fact that there are 2 premiers and the 2nd group seems to be the stronger one.
OR the fact that THIS years Rican queen can speak english properly!!!