Monday, March 3, 2014

Candida experiment update!

So earlier I went on and on about Candida and how I was going to get it under control in my body etc. I just wanted to let you know IT DID WORK and ALMOST MAGICALLY Im not the sugar fiend I used to be and my body looks great. I highly suggest doing it. Now I look at people and just think "Your body is festering with fungus." To read what I wrote about it earlier click HERE.


Fredo said...

I've done an extent of this by just going carb free for an entire week. It was a hard detox—a non-stop headache for 3 days and just lethargic—but after it was done, I felt less tired and sugar cravings went down. But then I went back to healthier carbs like brown rice based products and fruit. I will allow myself sugar about once a week, but I notice that I get sick of it if I go overboard.

Do you each any sugar like fruit?

Congrats, by the way.

Black Nyx said...

Talk to me about that foot fungus you had - did this make it go away?