Thursday, March 27, 2014

Im sorta grossed out that Im addressing the Vogue cover as i dont really care about some woman magazine but here is why.

Vogue is a magazine housewives buy at the GROCERY STORE. Its never been fierce, its not Italian Vogue, its not creative, and I dont think Ive ever seen one shoot in that GROCERY STORE MAGAZINE that inspired me. If its next to Good House Keeping its not exactly something Im concerned with. The current cover was an accurate representation of the target markets interests.
If people are upset at the cover its their own damn fault for believing Vogues marketing. If they hadnt believed Vogue and put them on a pedestal they wouldnt care. People buy into Vogue as being a "standard of class" despite it actually being a grocery store magazine, and are therefore shocked that a girl who is famous for a sex tape whos family is pretty much known to be gypsy charlatans who will SHOW and do ANYTHING for money could influence the magazine that much. People are tricked into to believing Vogue is above her when, QUITE LITERALLY, Vogue is not above her but RIGHT NEXT TO HER in the tabloids, on the rack at the check out line. Its amazing because if you asked an alien whats the difference between Vogue and The Enquirer I dont think it would be able to explain a difference other than one being a different physical size but people act as though Vogue is something. Its their fault for believing the marketing and not seeing it for what it is, A GROCERY STORE MAGAZINE. Have I said GROCERY STORE MAGAZINE enough?


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

The best fashion magazine ever was Taxi.

Martha Stewart

rashasha said...

I'm going to yell that next time I see Vogue at a friends house, "Are you enjoying reading your GROCERY STORE MAGAZINE?!?!?"

rashasha said...

I'm going to yell that next time I see any of my friends with American Vogue in their house,"Are you enjoying reading your GROCERY STORE MAGAZINE?!?!?"

David Mason said...

Im glad for this! As for my favorite fashion magazine it was the early Citizen K in 99.

Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more. The layouts/typography are drepressing it really has no voice, style or vision.

I watched that Diana Vreeland documentary the other day and there's no comparison to the pages they show there, those layouts and fashion stories were more edgy/groundbreaking. Must have a little to do with what you wrote about the 80s and the slow normalization of the gays, or everyone.