Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My theory on technology and the future.

I am by no means a Sci-FI reader or anything so what I just thought of could very well be a well established concept in this kind of genre. So I apologize if you read this and youre like "Gurl, that is Isaac Asimovs story from 1952.".
Trying to imagine the actual progress of technology over time is difficult because we are very limited to our current limits of technology. Sure we can take the current technology and fairly easily imagine a futuristic version of it but to imagine the ABSTRACT AND UNTHINKABLE future is left to very very few. Doing so is almost impossible because to do so you would basically be inventing technology yourself. Our current ideas of future technology are very limited to our current technological level. For example people in 1492 thought if you were going to travel to the moon you would have to take a boat, or people of today think that if aliens were to visit us they would arrive in a flying craft, both are ridiculous and very limited to our current perspective and knowledge.
So imagine that technology in the future will not be pieced together with physical parts like a Koo-koo clock or a toaster or a computer but would be assembled on a molecular level. This actually isnt hard to imagine because I feel the proof of this happening would be to look at nature. That is how nature creates things no? So if thats the case isnt it possible that what we perceive of as "nature" is actually technology of the "future". Now its not of the "future" per say because all planes of consciousness exist at the same time in theory right? So basically we are surrounded by and are living in what we perceive to be a "natural world", but that is just our PERCEPTION because we dont yet see nature for what it is. We still have endless inexplainable questions and are still amazed at the "wonder of nature" and dont see nature for what it may be which is technology of the "future". We see nature as the powerful unexplainable force, "god", but actually if in the future technology actually looks no different and is inseparable from what we currently perceive to be "nature" then couldn't the "natural world" around us now actually be what technology looks like and is of the future?
Meaning were basically living in a very clouded perception of "reality" and are just part of a "future" worlds pre-existing system and are blind to it.
BTW I am totally sober writing this:) but now Im going to go have a glass of Kim Crawford and take a bubble bath because I deserve it for discovering the future.

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