Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Rupauls Drag Race Season 6 Episode 5 A very Important episode and its not because its Snatch Game

Snatch Game is always a highlight of the season as it usually helps define if you like someone or not. It also makes me a little anxious because its like Figure Skating in a way. Its gays performing in costumes and when they fall, they usually fall pretty hard. I try and imagine what I would do in the situation and its VERY HARD to imagine something funny that hasnt been done so I sympathize. All I can think of doing is the LIFE ALERT LADY. Id like to just be a normal old woman trying to MANAGE THE AGONIZING PAIN OF A BROKEN HIP while answering questions on a GAME SHOW. Id say things like "If IF IF If I answer the question can I have my meds back??" I didnt think this seasons impressions were all that great. Nobody killed it. Paula Dean was fine but Darienne didnt have her insane, CHEMICALLY INDUCED, gaze of MEDICALLY SUPPRESSED DEPRESSION that shes famous for. Milks Julia Child was just a "no". Why wasnt milk doing someone with a HATCHET FACE like her?! Her face is SO GOOD and shes playing ROUND FACED PEOPLE. Basically everyone fierce has a face shaped like Milks and she chooses a NICE COOK LADY. Maleficent, Glenn Close, SANDRA BERNHARDT?!? (Milk and Michelle Visage) Why did she not play her?! I understand playing opposite what people expect is smart but not when its cutting off the Sandra BernHardt Nose to spite your Sandra Bernhardt Face! everyone was a little "Eh". Before the episode started I was pretty sure Trinity would be in the bottom two being shes more of a serious type and comedy doesnt come easy to her, and I like her so I dont want her to go. I want to see MORE of her. Im a little nervous as she has sorta done the same style look each episode but I like her down played chill attitude. Shes an underdog with elements of Tina Turner to her and she also reminds me of Darcel from Solid gold which are two CORRECTS to me. I really hope Trinity gives us a Darcel wig soon. My current favorites are Trinity, Joslyn, and Bianca but also NOT Bianca. I thought her Judge Judy was far too harsh and she tried controlling the entire scene too much. I like her more in commentary then I do in performance. How is she going to beat someone in a lip synch for her life??? I dont think she could. I was very happy they put more focus into the runway section as I mentioned in the last two reviews this element was glossed over and I think the runway section is VERY important and needs to be considered as a stronger element to the final judgement. Bianca ABSOLUTELY FLOPPED the "Rupaul Look a Like" theme of that challenge. It was so dismissive I was slightly insulted for Ru. I do realize that face of Bianca's is a bit of a CANNED HAM but she could at least try different make up and a wig. Speaking of wigs.. Oh Joslyn I really do like you quite a bit as a person. I was into her since the beginning when they painted her as one of the idiot children like Adore and Laganja and Im happy to see theyre showing her as more of a cool dude lately and Im into him... AS A PERSON. If she had a bad personality I would label her as one of the worst contestants ever. Her outfits are so NOTHING yet also BAD, but I really like HER, so Im a little vexed as Ive lambasted Jinxx in other reviews for having bad presentation and how she only won because people like HER and the story the editors wrote for her and not her skills as much, and here Im saying I like Joslyn.
Adore came off a little better this episode, though she still reads as a "reality tv career person". This fact is betrayed by her lack of interest and ability to complete a finished look. Her hemlines say "Im no so into this.". Laganja was still the same WEIRD SPECIAL NEEDS CRY BABY SUZY shes been every episode. My friend pointed out the first time we saw Laganjas parents that her mom didnt seem to have an issue with drag so much as it was a "oh boy my child is very "special needs" and I dont think he's really ready for the druggy sexual world of club life." AND SHE WAS RIGHT! Ugh I mean in name alone that kid took a hit of pot and now POT IS HER IDENTITY. Shes the kid who cries to get attention ALL THE TIME. For whatever reason she thinks its the only way for her to control a situation. It makes sense, she was a skinny gay boy and she wasnt going to control a situation through use of muscle, popularity, snob appeal, humor, sexuality, dance moves, make up skills, or whatever kind of method of controlling the world around you one could think of. She does it by CRYING..... and THATS why the mother was like "Ummmm UHHHH eeesh, Im not so sure about this" when he said he wanted to do drag. Im sure his mom is one of those INSANELY supportive moms who cant bend far enough backwards for her special needs child who she feels sorry for and guilty about so she does anything for the kid and the kid knows it and knows all he has to do is JIGGLE A BOTTOM LIP and the mom throws herself at him. Laganja looks kinda good in drag, KINDA. I liked her look last night enough and thought the hair was cute but how is it possible that "death drops" now make me yawn? That final lip synch was a SNOREBERRY SUNDAE but was a HUGELY IMPORTANT DECISION!!!!
Both Laganja and Gia Gunn are a producers dream. They are overly dramatic, loud, splashy and young. The only problem is THEY KNOW IT. The two of them are SO SELF AWARE at times they werent even forming sentences but just yelling out sound bytes for the camera man?! They knew if you make "good tv" your chances of winning are far better, but they were actually REALLY BAD AT IT because it was TOO OBVIOUS. In fact Bianca this episode even commented on it when Laganja just blasts out a completely unnecessary sound byte like some TRANNY PARROT. I HATE THIS. Gia was just as bad as Laganja regarding this CRIME. Gia knew she wasnt as strong as the other girls so she though "Im gonna be good tv like Phi Phi Ohara and just be the VILLAIN if I cant be the winner and at least then people will know my name and I'll stay on camera." OOOOOOOOOPS Backfire! This is VERY VERY" VERY" VERY important because we must THANK the people in charge of deciding to dump Gia despite her providing "good tv". The decision of putting the both of them in the bottom two legitimizes the contest and show. They very easily could have kept GIA for the sound bytes and instigation, but the didn't. THANK GOD! It brings my faith back to the show and I respect them for it.
As far as the rest of the contestants they didnt make a big impression on me. I was disappointed by Milk but thought MAN RU was a good choice, though he didnt really act like him in my opinion. He acted more like ELLEN. I thought Ben De la Cremes Maggie Smith was BAD. Im sorry it WAS NOT like the character and I think playing a CHARACTER, and not a celebrity, is weird. Courtney doing "The Nanny" wasnt exactly cool AND Joslyn actually did do a WAY BETTER Fran Drescher. I wish when she found out Courtney was doing Fran, SHE ALSO DID FRAN, it would be SO FIERCE and I honestly just got goosebumps thinking about Joslyn asserting herself in that manner as shes been so sweet and clever so for her to ALSO be aggressive like that would TOTALLY GET ME TO BE HER BIGGEST FAN.
Ru looked AWESOME. I LOVED the engineered print dress and hair. I like it when Ru has Asymmetrical hair more then symmetrical hair. (I love ending the review with that random statement:) )


Rico said...

You are so right. I thought Snatch game was one of the weakest ones ever. I did not see anyone. Ben La Creme was doing Miss Marple not Dame Maggie. (didn't Milk do a better younger Maggie Smith earlier on the Runway?). I LUV Judge Judy at 4pm everyday here. Bianca was like Mercedes McCambridge in Johnny Guitar but looking like Joan Crawford. La Ganja, can I saw wretched excess. I had to laugh cuz Gia's biggest insult it referring to the rest of the queens as dudes in dresses. Life is such a drag.

Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

Boy, does this take me back.


Martha Stewart

Unknown said...

I contend these group of girls are making for an interesting season. While fans are disappointed that the Snatch Game didn't have a run-away guffaw moment, I think it was still important and revealing about the overall CUN&T of the girls - taking all the previous episodes/challenges into account. I am happy to read that you also thought Judge Judy came off a little too strong. She did and was really playing herself, not Judy at times. Spot on with Maggie and Fran's character impersonations. I am just not impressed. And well, to me an interesting lesson is developing for future seasons for the contestants and the fans: Don't get too caught up on what's done before. I think everyone is trying to hard to find their own Little Eddie, which basically got that bore the crown. My heart remains with Alyssa Edwards for all sorts of fucked up reasons. Anyway, I digress... deep breath... any. way... I just don't understand, these girls know this challenge is coming... so why wouldn't you have this character nailed down... and why not make her relevant? The recipe is simple: 1) A celebrity in the news or some woman coveted in the gay community; 2) Someone so uniquely themselves you can make comedy out of her behavior; and 3) practice well before the taping of the show. Case in point, the Medic-Alert Lady = GENIUS COMEDY! For the less creative, AMANDA FUCKING BYNES... OR NEVER KIM KARDASHIAN, BUT RATHER KRIS JENNER. HELLO!!?!? Even Hillary Clinton could be fun. Michele Bachman... HILARIOUS! Fuckballs, I should be a consultant for these girls...