Saturday, March 22, 2014

When I posted the scratch and Sniff pics someone commenting brought up the MRS PAC-MAN stickers!?! Which I totally forgot about.

I learned that PH equals F from Mrs Pac-man! It was first grade and I had Jeff Casey over for a sleep over and we had eaten dinner and were sitting at the dinner table and this card/sticker came up that said "Lets get Physical" obviously referencing Olivia and I was like "Lets get PPP...Lets get HHHPP... Lets get PPHIIII." and Jeff Casey said "Lets get Physical." and I was impressed and HUMILIATED.
More shocking is all I had to do was google "Mrs Pac-man Sticker" and out of the few available IT WAS THERE!?
I also had the googley eye ones.

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Rico said...

i learned 'que' was a hard 'c', from a Superman Comic. Clark Kent was in bathing trunks and said. "must hide my physique" so he buried himself up to his head in the sand from Lois Lane. I was reading "Fizzy-Q"? ( again with the ph=f ). The I realized it was 'physique' correct pronunciation.