Monday, March 17, 2014

YAYAYAYAY! Finally the episode we've been waiting for! Rupauls Drag Race Season Six Episode 4 review (no Im not going to type Ruview)

Im pretty sure I said it in the previous reviews but I really was a little nervous that this season was not going to hold up to the others and I am so happy Ive been proven wrong! This episode was the RPDR that I know and love. We've finally sacrificed enough lambs to the Drag Gods that they've smiled on us and are giving us the show I buy cable for. This episode the challenge was musical theatre, a genre I don't like. I will say I was very pleasantly surprised and I thought the performance was quite good. Courtney did a phenomenal job in the musical and the other girls were impressive as well. I don't think though however that Trinity should have been in the bottom two. I think she was there because shes not the best tv. I was SUPER HAPPY that my previous prediction about Trinity most likely being very difficult to take down on the runway was true as well. She totally came alive and showed the other girls she may not be the best at other challenges but on the runway, where it counts, she's a DRAGON. We applauded when she won. I have been a Trinity fan from the beginning and Im an even bigger fan now. I feel a little sorry for Trinity and relate to her a bit as she's the only black girl there and the only girl who's culturally like her in the group and it sucks to be the odd person out. Yes shes being defensive but thats because she's backed into a corner. I totally relate, she's actually behaving better then I would have at that age. My worries for her are that her drag looks are a little too similar, and a little too "classique" and being that we all know the Snatch Game challenge is next week that she is going to BOMB because she's aint exactly a "comedy girl". If thats the case I feel sorry for the queen thats going to have to go up against her because she very well could eat her alive too unless the song happens to be something thats really to the advantage of the other girl, like when they TOTALLY RIGGED it last season and got out the BACK-HOE to dig through the faults and played that VINTAGE RECORD (which they've never done before) of whats her name I forget, Yma Sumac (Mambo no 1), because that was the only way they could keep Jinxx because Detox would have eaten her alive to any other song. EVERY DAY I LIKE JINXX MONSOON LESS.
Every day I like Joslyn Fox more! I thought she was secretly charming and underestimated and more clever then they gave credit for and I think this episode proved that again. Jossy is cute, I like her. She could so easily be grating and performative like Gia or Adore but she isn't because she's genuine. Unlike Gia who is so CAMERA AWARE its hard to like her. During her Untucked moment while she was going for Milk I swear I saw her look into the camera to see if they were "catching this". That said Milks look was a little hard to swallow. I love Milk but I have to say her looks were lacking this episode and she repeats pieces too often. She had already worn those shoes before and the Pinnochio look had the same cut out hip stocking effect as the matador, which I liked a lot but I shouldn't be seeing a repetition of pieces when were only on the forth episode.
While were on the subject of things I dont want to see again, Adore is such a TEDIOUS TURD. Im sorry if you don't wear a corset after you've been told WEAR A CORSET you should just go home because you're really insulting the drag world if you dismiss the importance of the cinched waist. The corset is so crucial and what builds the shape, if you're not doing it you're a boy in a dress. If you dont want to do it just wear some FLATS AND WALK HOME. No waist says "I don't take this seriously" AND "I don't get any of this". A girl who wears a corset is strong, phallic, proud and powerful, and she's MY KINDA GIRL. If you don't get it, GO BE COMFY NOT AROUND ME!
Now we all know I am a HUGE RU fan and I know she reads this so I cringe when I say this but I feel its important to be honest and honesty is more important that ass kissing, which I never do btw because I REALLY DO like her as much as I say but THAT SAID... This look wasnt my favorite. It was a little expected. That said the NEXT LOOK looks like its one of her best by far so its smart to be common once in a while because then the next look has more impact and its SNATCH GAME. Snatch Game is what defines the contestants and where we find our solid faves. I CANNOT WAIT. I hear on the Island of KIMODO, at the DRAG-ON Lounge, everyone is doing Vivacios! Doesnt Viv look like a Kimodo Dragon??? I think so! I think if youre going to conjure and animal spirit a Kimodo Dragon is pretty fucking good! Maybe when I called her a Drag Dinosaur I was on to something?!!!!

PS WHY ARE THEY RUSHING THE RUNWAY WALK?!?!?!? I dont think they even mentioned a theme this time?! I mentioned this last review and this episode it was even worse. The final runway walk IS WHAT WERE WAITING FOR and is the opportunity for the queens to show US who THEY want us to think they are?!!!. If all we ever see is the "real" them the quality of the queens and the show is just going to spiral downward because the runway wont matter it will just be how "good tv" they are and when the quality goes down the respect goes down and when the respect goes down the people like me who care about the show walk away you end up losing your fan base and then nobody is watching and the show vaporizes before your very eyes. I LIKEN THE DISREGARD OF THE RUNWAY SECTION TO THE FALL OF ROME! I want the name of whoever is responsible for rushing the runway section because if this keeps up the show will suffer and this show is my tv baby and Im ready to defend it.


Unknown said...

I'm torn on Jinxx. I don't think its fair to say it was rigged for it to be in her favor for that lip sync because time and time again queens go home singing to songs that are out of their element all the time; Detox is great but anyone can be forced to sing something out of their element and Jinx could have been in the same sitch a few times as well. Buuuuut, I will always say Alaska got screwed because of Sharon (however its also why she got on); Jinx was too unseasoned to win. Underdog be damned.

And yes to the Runway walk! It is so important and my friends and i were watching it pretty upset wondering what was up. They could have edited out lots of other stuff earlier in the episode; never sacrifice the runway.

Anonymous said...

YES! The runway/catwalk was ridiculously short! Those looks deserved our eyes to linger!!!!
If that's all that Milk has to offer -- messy drag clown -- she needs to go home.
The catwalk theme was "Red Carpet at the Tonys." Loved Gia, loved LaGanja and loved Adore. Joceyln had a bird's nest on her head!!! Clearly bottom two was based upon performance, not runway looks.

Myle_cr said...

YES - Joslyn is already my winner - hilarious and hot. Her portions are perfect - beautiful long neck and slender limbs - so good, and genuine (as David said) her sticking up for Milk seemed very sincere (she even seemed quite nervous asserting herself with Gia) clearly wasnt just for the cameras.

Unfortunately my other favourite didnt really do it for me this week... Bianca's looks are too similar and the make up is so striking its very obviously always the same... and even though she worked for a costume designer i kinda question how creative she is ... looks like she just threw alot of money at her costumes.

One thing I wasn't fond of this week was Ru's "back rolls" gag... that kind of self-referential humour seems a bit try-hard for such an awesome show. Oh and also the lack of a proper runway... clurly a big mistake... big... huge.

Unknown said...

The runway theme was tony's realness and was rushed because of the challenge being lengthy... remember last season with the ballet challenge, they did the same and I hated it because dtox looked fucking AWESOME and we only got a glimpse of her.

I love Josslyn too, she's pretty and seems cool to hang out with, which for me is the true definition of pretty... unlike gia or adore, who thinks herself funny but she's just annoying and a "don't christina it up" fail. Her mug was off, the dress was awful...

By the way... it's kOmodo dragon.

Unknown said...

the runway cathegory was tony's realness and they rushed it because of the challenge being too lenghty, remember last year with the ballet challenge? they did the same and I hated it because detox' look was the best ever...

I like josslyn too, shes pretty, kind and smart and seems to be cool to hang with, which for me is the true definition of beauty. I agree about jinxx, throughout the entire season I've seen only ONE honest, non-calculated, out of character reaction coming from her and it was when roxxxy called out on her fake persona shit.

I hope gia leaves next and then darienne because she hasn't brought anything worth seeing so far, adore is wants to be funny but she's annoying, and this week.... the mug... the dress... the loud highschool musical singing... awful. Everything that STUNNING courtney act is not.

Ah, and it's kOmodo dragon, btw.

Justin said...

I don't get why Michelle Visage has such a bias against anything green. She called Darienne Lake's runway look seaweed or moss or something, but it was just green and sparkly.