Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Its JOSLYN not JOCELYN! There is a HUGE DIFFERENCE in that TINY change. Jossy is not a Jah-suh-lynn, she's a JOZLIN. JOZLIN FOX only one X. She aint fancy, she's not all uppity and stuff, she spent her money on BIKINIS and FROSTED LIPSTICK not LETTERS. This aint Wheel of Fortune its Rupauls Drag Race!


Rico said...

Huffington Post had articles on Ru Paul Drag Race and the Politically Correct Transexual read of the show. Logo has removed the guessing game She Male and no longer will use the She Mail chapters. Op Ed piece by Our Lady J was well put and more sane. Quotes from past transgender women ( aka Carmen Carrera etc ) said their piece and I guess they are offended because no one understands their struggle. I guess 'tranny is a horrid word' I guess next we cannot sissy that walk . It no longer will be fun being gay.

Anonymous said...

That's one meaty tuck. Goodness, they had Chaz on. Don't get why trannies have no levity.

Rico said...

OMG now Jayne County is banned by FB for using She Male and Trannie ..... and she is pissed. This is getting ridiculous.