Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rupauls Drag Race Season 6 Episode 6

Weve reached the point where the show gets good. We got rid of all the weak ones and are left with the stronger personalities and have stronger relationships with the contestants now so we have a stronger reaction to the show. Unfortunately for me, at this moment, Im just not that connected. Im sad about that. Im sorta not really into anyone. I feel its because everyone is just too self aware and aware of the flow of the show etc. Im just not surprised. Its an interesting thing going on thats hard to explain. Going into the show I was really excited about Courtney Act but instead of being into her Im just sorta sitting here thinking shes cool, shes funny, shes correct, so why am I not into it?! Its an interesting thing about fame and popularity I guess. I think because there was so much hype about her I thought I was going to be really wrapped up in her but instead Im just sort of seeing a well trained and talented actor on stage and Im just sorta like "Ok, shes good." but Im not so impressed because I EXPECT IT OF HER. I think her notoriety sorta ruined the surprises. I sorta feel like its having Kylie Minogue on stage with them. Like of course she has good costumes and of course she can sing, its her job. You know what it is, there is no DISCOVERY with her so there is no surprise. I cant say one bad thing about her, I like her a lot actually and if she was unknown shed be received with much more accolade but unfortunately I didnt expect that my expectations would get in the way of appreciating her. If she was an unknown from Minnesota Id be blown away.
Someone I appreciate a little more is Adore. Yes I still dont think she belongs in the final three because she doesnt even seem like a real drag queen with her TOTAL NEGLECT of ever finishing a complete look, shes pretty but HALF ASSED but at least she seems a little bit more real as a person. Its that La kind of "real" where theyre honest about being fake so in turn thats real? Do you get what im saying? Its not like "texan fake" where theyre nice but they hate you, in LA everyone is in on the fake of it all and you say things that you dont mean as a way of being NICE.Its hard for people from outside of LA to understand but I get it as I went to college there and appreciate it. Its like the TOTAL OPPOSITE of my friends from Russia. In Russia they think its RUDE to be "nice" because its fake but in La if youre not like that youre considered a RUDE DICK. If I had to pick one Id do LA, yes it can be tedious but if you disagree go to any Eastern Block nation and youll see how that "realness" gets ROTTEN REAL FAST. Im a pretty nice guy and in Prague I yelled through the door at this horrible rotten evil maid and called her an IDIOT CUNT because she was so unfriendly.. I dont think I ever felt the need to scream IDIOT CUNT at anyone in LA.. oh but wait then theres LAGANJA...
Laganja may not be a human being. I think shes a parrot. She says words but its not like they even forming sentences. Its like how a parrot says things but it doesnt know that its even a WORD, its just repeating a SOUND and thats what Laganja does. Laganja is a tranny parrot left in the dressing room and it picked up all the slang and now someone let that parrot out of the cage and its just flying around ACTING FUCKIN WEIRD. Shes kinda fascinating and theyre smart to keep her around because now I wanna see just how insane shes going to get! My friend wants to use her as a study in cognitive theories. Have you ever seen a BAGGY bodysuit?! In the hip hop challenge there was NOTICEABLE GATHERING in the crotch of her bodysuit?! CROTCH WRINKLES ARE NOT SEXY. Speaking of wrinkles, can I also address Laganjas face? Im not saying this to be mean but she has chronic pot smoker face which is this THIN SKIN FOLD between the cheek and the nose. Chronic pot smokers beware, everyone I know who is one has this feature its never been addressed as far as I know. Its sorta like their face is waxy and melting. Its almost like facial wasting but not. I know when I smoke pot the next day I look DOG FACED and DROOPY and I think if you smoke pot non stop you just get this saggy face but I dont get where the THINNESS to the skin comes from. I dont need to go on about her face anymore, I dont want it to be a read.
Speaking of reading this episode was the READING portion of the show. I thought this was the best reading section yet albeit the most edited. Darriene was the best and thats an achievement with Bianca the "insult comic" being there. Laganjas reads were the predictable nonsensical words fused together to ALMOST FORM SENTENCES and Ben de la Cremes jokes were SO BAD. A read needs to pertain to the person youre reading, it cant just be a random insult that could be applied to anyone which a few of them relied on.
The runway was glazed over again and was confusing so there isnt even much to say, but can I at least ask for a HEADER across the screen with the theme and can the contestants at least CONSIDER THIS THEME?! Why am I seeing 60s looks, 40s looks, bondage ensembles and cocktail dresses shown as a supposedly cohesive group?
The 90s Rap challenge was entertaining. Milks "If your looking for a dude or youre in the PREGGERS MOOD" lines were FIERCE though lost on Trina and Eve. I think they were insulted and I cant blame them because the joke is basically about STREET FOLK irresponsibly MAKIN BABIES but I thought it was funny. The word PREGGERS I love because its so REVOLTING and perfectly encapsules my feelings on pregnancy. Im grossed out by it and preggers or PREGO makes me think that her stomach is distended because its full of TOMATO SAUCE....ahhhh Im gonna throw up!
Poor Milk... This week the Milk expired :( We liked Milked and were sad to see her get the chop. I appreciated her presence. I wanted her to be a little more SHARP and a little more polished so I cant blame Ru for giving her the chop but I could name three others to go before her. She wasnt winner material but she was interesting.
I hated Rus Dress but was super happy to see her wearing the Slick It Up Sequin Hoodie for the rap challenge!! YAYAYAY!

Oh I forgot about the Lipsynch! I said this before Trinity is quiet and shy and when backed into a corner by Bianca and asked "What exactly are you good at?" she couldnt answer but you know what she can do WIN THE FUCKING LIP SYNCH. I would LOVE for Trinity to be sent to the bottom two EVERY SINGLE EPISODE from here on and to beat every single contestant! THEN she could say "Oh and Bianca to answer your question "What can I do successfully? Now I think you know the answer." THAT would be a great underdog/show story and I think if that happened peoples perspective on her would be dramatically turned around. That said the song favored Trinity so much more then cracker ass Milk, though Milk really did make an effort and I commend her for trying. I would be SO FUCKED to have to compete in 90s hip hop challenge.

Oh I forgot. I was watching the Fashion Ruview of the show that Raja and Raven do each week and look at the rotten... mistake???... they made on Bianca Del Rios name ahahahahahahah! thats funny!


Unknown said...

I am "not that excited" about the show too, can't tell exactly why either. I think your previous analisis on laganja was spot on, sad cause she's pretty and even do she's young it's still painful to watch someone being so uncoherently ridiculous (the whole scene with gia on untucked was an epic WTF).
I find adore less annoying each episode, and I do think she's top 3 material if not maybe a winner...? (remember jinxx... I mean, popular vote). Talk about popular, I think josslyn is our next miss congeniality... she's authentically sweet and I find myself doing "aaah cute!" faces at the screen when she talks. I'm so glad trinity lose the flappers... she still looks gorgeous, and I think this whole "I don't understand what she says" is more of a judging mode actually, something that is clearly bringing her down and it's a shame cause she's so serious and commited. By the way, santino TOTALLY made fun of her and ru used the "shensheshonal" excuse to cover his back but he WAS making fun of her... maybe there was too much baby laxatives in his evening lines. I would strongly recommend him to wear a shirt in his next webisode, I know it's an ugly comment but he defenetely does an awful lot of talking... and where the fuck are his designs? Can you really read horribly without having ANYTHING to stand for your reputation except being eliminated from project runway like eons ago... a grey tshirt with your face in it... really???(

I still think darienne is being favored, I haven't seen anything remarkable coming from her and her runway looks are not even worth of comment. And what is that "rivarly" with della? is it me, or is a kinda obviously unfounded production plot device? I hope she goes home next episode. Milk was a gorgeous guy, I think by far the only really fuckable one for me, such a pitty she ran out of ideas so fast. Courtney... a huge reputation to embody, maybe? it seems she'll be turning things up soon with the angel outfit and all... I think I can risk a top 3 prediction... adore, courtney and I'm between bianca and della on third runner up. I can't tell why, I just felt it seeing them standing there at the end of last episode.

Unknown said...

Here's the thing for me: There hasn't been one break-out moment where any one of the girls captures our interest. Think of the whole show as a lip-sync, right now the songs (episodes) are so rehearsed and known in our consciousness, not one girl has brought forth her own style or her own moment where your jaw drops and you think, "Damn, that was actually brilliant in the moment." So, yes, I agree there is underlying feeling that everyone's doing what they should be doing (it's a good season), but no one is raising the bar and the game has yet to get serious. Maybe it's too early.

That said, I do feel like it's hard to tell exactly what's developing due to some clever editing. It bothers me when girls essentially get edited out all-together of an episode. Case in point: Courtney. We all know she's a loaded weapon and will likely be in the Top 3 (although, I do hope she isn't because someone else proves themselves by their own true TRUE style...). However, Courtney was barely in this episode as well as The Match Game. They give her commentary moments and of course the runway, but not much in the work room or interaction with others. I have no idea if its because she would sway our opinions or because she's just not offering up that much material. I do wish they were editing it from the start that she is this unstoppable force and the rest of the girls are out to one-up her or prove themselves over her. But there's no drama there. If anything Courtney is being edited very carefully as generally kind and clearly talented. I appreciated seeing Courtney being upset and rattled by Ru calling out her resting on her "beauty" ... and wish they'd develop the glimpse of the bitchier side to Kylie... errr, Courtney.

There are other things I wish they'd develop more too in their editing. While Darriene is being presented in the way they always portray the bigger ladies, there is this really cunty side we saw glimpses of on the "reading" mini-challenge. I want to see more of that. I like that the other girls are afraid of her. I like that she might be a real challenge if she ever figures her fucking outfits out. (I don't understand not being body aware in this game. Anyone can find their strengths for the stage or the camera and there is NO excuse with her ... or Adore).

Unknown said...

I do like that Bianca was 10% less one liners and snark on this episode and showed some compassion. I like that they showed him reaching out to Trinity. Bianca is growing on me because of it although I do consider her style a bit of a single-note... there' not much variety. I find it SAD that she was the "prettiest" dressed on the runway. And she was... C'mon!!! TURN IT.

So, to me: a different approach to editing or development would show the good and THE BAD of each of these drag queens and let us form our favorites. It would also make for better television. That's what I feel is missing. I have no idea what's happening in the work room... really. And I have less and less to judge from the important part of the runway, as you keep pointing out as well.

My secret hope is for Trinity. From the start, I liked her. I like her, because she represents so much of what I appreciate from the old houses that I love from my days in NYC. So... there is an element I relate to and love about her. That said, I cannot stand the whining and "it's not fair" but I agree she turned it out on the lip-sync and damn... there WAS a REAL moment there. And yes Bianca, that's what she does really well. REALLY. WELL. And so, I like your thought about her being on the bottom, fighting for her survival and then winning us all over. If she can grow in the next few weeks and engage with the game. She's my choice. If not, well, she's not long for elimination... there you go... I still liked her.

It's too early to call of course, but I would love to see a final three of: Bianca, Trinity (SERIOUSLY) and Adore. (That's right, no Courtney. It's TOO expected and it BORES me.)

Having spent a year in Colorado... you're right about the pot skin thing. I don't understand, but there is living proof of your theory here. Skin creases are not good under any circumstance.

David Mason said...

Thanks Horatio and Steve for your feedback! I like to read other peoples thoughts!

Myle_cr said...

I understand where David is coming from in being underwhelmed by Courtney but I don't think it should be attributed to high hopes for her at the outset of the Race. Sure she's quite funny but she's given us nothing to get excited about ... case in point... her runway looks... seriously ... zero creativity - week 1 she wasn't there - week 2 she basically cobbled together her look from Marco Marco SS 2014 runway show - week 3 was a Dallas Dellaforce knock-off - week 4... OK that pink look was pretty great - week 5 was Ru-inspired look... but she just copied the outfit rather than being inspired by Ru - and week 6 she copyied a Viktor and Rolf idea without adding any of herself into it. I find to get excited about someone who isn't creative in one way or another(sidenote - her body is amazing but too boyish to wear outfits that dont try and create a more feminine shape).