Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Rupauls Drag Race Season 6 episode 7/8 The Deconstruction of Laganja ...Dont read it if you havent seen it

This double episode was the turn around weve all been waiting for. It happened on my birthday as well so it was quite a gift to have LAGANJA SENT HOME as my present from Ru to share with my friends! The two episodes sorta melded into one so Im just going to handle them as one mega episode and basically just focus the discussion about how Laganja is the worst most manipulative spoiled child who is attempting to run the world the same way she has her family which is to act like a fragile histrionic mess. This false and actually EVIL theatrical production clearly worked on his poor mom, as I stated in previous reviews, who probably feels GUILTY and over protective of her "fragile little angel" and is blind to the fact that her little angel is a MANIPULATIVE MINION and TRANNY PARROT OF SATAN! Isnt it interesting to watch her and FIGURE OUT HOW HER BRAIN WORKS? Like my friend Mark was the first one who said "Im sure her parents werent against her being gay or drag. They just thought "Oh BOY, not drag, I cant take anymore and this kid doesnt need ANOTHER AFFECTATION?!" and it was revealed he was totally right! Its so interesting. Most people do this but eventually come to realize this kind of stunt doesnt work, like when I as a teen and I thought that PUBLICLY getting into to WITCHCRAFT was going to make me POWERFUL but of course it BACKFIRES and everyone clocks you for TRYORY. We all borrow aspects that we admire from other people, its how we develop our individuality by strategically picking up on elements we like and fashioning them to our own identity, almost like styling a look in clothes for ourselves, but we dont just COPY THE ENTIRE MANNEQUIN or you look like a fool. We all know people who still do this and AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS because this kind of behavior should stop at around no later then 18. If youre pulling this stunt past this age I almost wonder if youll NEVER be "real" and youll be "Always and forever... Laganja". Instead of Laganja getting real and developing a strong sense of self she just keeps adding layer upon layer upon layer of OTHER PEOPLES IDENTITIES?! Most obviously Alyssa Edwards?!?! How amazing was that reveal that Laganja taught classes in Alyssas studio and that she told Alyssa she had an interest in drag and Alyssa said "I DONT THINK ITS FOR YOU." ?!?!?!?!? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Alyssa tried to save us all!!!! Imagine the moment Laganja says "I wanna do drag" to Alyssa?!!! What went through Alyssas head?! I like to imagine it was an INSTINCTUAL REFLEX RESPONSE and that she looked for the closest SHARP or HEAVY object to solve the problem at hand right then and there but instead simply said "I dont think drag is for you."! Once you know that Laganja is a disciple of Alyssa suddenly the BIZARRO AFFECTATIONS make sense! SHES JUST A WEIRD ALYSSA-BOT. Shes SUCH A BAD impersonator we never picked up on the fact that she was just aping Alyssa?! Its so fascinating, I TOLD YOU SHE WAS A PARROT?! She just listened to Alyssa, HAD NO IDEA WHAT OR WHY OR HOW anything was being said but knew she for whatever reasoning in her mind had to be this person so she just REPEATED THE PHRASES at what she perceived to be correctly timed moments, but because she doesnt understand the meaning THEY ARENT, and here we find Laganja Estranja the most frightening drag queen ever on RPDR. She makes TAMMY BROWN seem like someone you could casually share a bed with. I sorta feel bad for her because she hates herself so much she cant ever be her own person but shes such a manipulative lying twat she washes that sympathy I have for her away with LIES. She will NEVER be a fused identity. She will move from person to person to thing to thing. Like how I wrote about how she discovered marijuana and THAT IS NOW HER IDENTITY. Im sure before Alyssa it was the pink Power Ranger which cause her interest in gymnastics, then Willy Wonka where she learned about creativity as an opportunity to create your own world on a judgy terrified planet (did anyone else pick up on her constant use of using the words "earthlings" or "humans" for PEOPLE?), then Alyssa for an identity, then Marijuana for "cool factor", then Crystal meth for something to do, then fisting FOR ATTENTION, then dead in drag BECAUSE NOBDY WAS LOOKING. Actually Im WRONG. Laganja will NEVER DIE because shes TOO EVIL. She has SO MUCH RAGE and ANGER in her she will NEVER DIE. She is a perfect example of the PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE SADIST. Playing the victim but she knows EXACTLY whats shes doing, searching out for people who are sympathetic and kind and then SUCKING THE LIFE FORCE FROM THEM. Id like to think she would die when shes finally sucked the life force from her two poor parents but maybe then shell find some sympathetic soul and suck the life force from them too. Playing the role of a concerned friend while simultaneously latching on and sucking that persons sympathy until its all dried up and she can throw another tantrum and get them back into a sympathetic roll only to milk them again and again and again. Laganja Estranja is a vampire with bad style. Laganja the LAMPREY.
Im liking Bianca more and more. Shes actually very "me", I THINK, I may play the role she does with my friends so I relate to her and I REALLY APPRECIATE her coming for Laganja and clocking her for her bullshit, it was SO FIERCE, we watched it twice. It was actually REALLY GOOD of Bianca to do because Bianca was very honest in her apology when she FELL FOR LAGANJAS TRAP and then realized "wait Ive been HAD" and decided to TURN AROUND AND GO AFTER THE BITCH. AMEN BIANCA! I have a hard time with her make up but I like her more and more. In the gif above where Laganja joyfully claims shes been victimized by exclaiming the LIE "I feel very attacked." Biancas face had me PAH HA loudly. Bianca was NOT going to be victim of her false dramatics which Laganja realized were not working so she just tried to do them LOUDER.... FLOP. It may work on mom but not me OR BIANCA. How is Bianca from the south?! Shes so East Coast. Speaking of the East Coast how good did Michelle Visage look in episode 7?! I thought she looked better then she ever has! She was someohow RELAXED yet big and sexy. She was like a seriously HOT MOM, she might have been wearing a SWEATSHIRT, I cant remember, but the hair was fantastic. Ru also looked fantastic and the dress was sooo good. It reminded me of one of my favorite pieces from a Dior show.
The rest of the show was sorta shadowed by Laganjas antics but I have to say Courtney Klaus Nomi look was super good. Trinitys hooker look was everything I appreciate , aka JACKEE with a New Wave wig aka PERFECT!. I like Adore more now that shes not trying to prove herself so much. Joslyn I like a ton but her looks do sorta suck, but she does own them so thats kinda cool but she could do better. Josylyn is one of those people who could benefit from a stylist and like 2,000 dollars. I feel like she kinda doesnt care about clothes which is cool but youre an ENTERTAINER so you have to put effort into your look or people feel let down. I was surprised she sorta did a shitty job on the comedy sketch and was SUPER GLAD she clocked Laganja doing a drop split and did one at the same time which was SUPER BOLD and I love her for that. Joslyn is a clever girl and her clocking Trinitys chin as Vivacious was the CUTEST form of CUNTING Ive ever seen! I was impressed that Trinity could do comedy though Im sorta curious as to where that came from because it was surprisingly good but im very happy to see it as Trinity is sorta my favorite. I thought Darienne Lake totally got SHAFTED when she beat Ben de La Creme and Ben didnt get sent home. WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT?!Her performance was NOT good AT ALL and she should have been sent packing. Dariennes collecting of invisible dollar bills was AWESOME. The dilemna of dressing a huge person is so hard to manage because what the fuck to you do?! Quite honestly its TOO EXPENSIVE in materials alone to build something large for these huge queens?! Imagine what it costs in materials to dress a skinny queen and then multiply that times 3 or 4 and you have the cost of dressing a big girl. I mean we'll all give a little leeway because we understand its hard to dress at that size but then we also get tired of the refrigerator coming down the runway.
Im thinking the final three will be Trinity Bianca and Courtney and its kinda hard to decide. Bianca is cool but I just have a hard time accepting her, Trinity I really like but she hasn't KILLED me yet, and Courtney has done everything right, but Im not charmed. The next few episodes will make all the difference, right now for me its a race between Bianca and Trinity. As much as I like Bianca and agree with Bianca and appreciate Bianca for KEEPING IT REAL, Im pulling for Trinity because she's played it quiet and kind and although shes been too self doubting Id rather know someone who doubts themselves too much then someone who believes in themselves too much.


Unknown said...

Trinity is showing the growth I hoped for. I love that she's showing signs of OWNING this. My fingers aren't so secretly crossed for this.

I know and understand exactly what you're saying about Bianca, but goddamn I like her more and more as a person. My problem with Bianca is her look seems too consistently one-note to me. If he can turn out some crazy completely different look as Bianca on the runway, then I may change my mind.

Gregor Laird said...

Or this one by McQueen

Unknown said...

the worst part was she tried creating her own hashtag every chance she had to speak after being eliminated, like, what why stop go away pleasssseeeeee