Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Rupauls Drag Race Season Six Episode 9 review

Wow, well Im off my mini mone cycle and Im so much happier?! I wake up NOT ANGRY?! Trinity K Bonet got the chop and I'm like "Well she lost fair and square." I mean even on the mones I am obsessed with fairness but on a cycle Id be ANGRY about it. Id really be upset at the fact that TRNITY SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN IN THE BOTTOM TWO?! and how it was a TOTAL RIP OFF that she got put there when it VERY CLEARLY should have been Joslyn and Adore not Adore and Trinity and how this season is the MOST RIGGED ASS BULLSHIT SEASON WITH WAY TOO MUCH SHITTY OBVIOUSLY FRAUDULENT EDITING YET but hey, WHO CARES were all here for a good time right?! I mean why would anyone be upset over BEN DE LA CREME, who's talents are best served at a REN FAIRE, being saved but the soft spoken, beautiful, under dog who is up against a bunch of privileged white bitches- besides Bianca, Trinity gets thrown to the wayside? Its not about being fair is it, its about ENTERTAINMENT!, and who could argue that the uncomfortably diminutive Ben De La Creme who rips off her costumes from the Thierry Mugler follies and PRETENDS LIKE SHES AN ORIGINAL gets to stay despite being crushed by Darienne Lake? Her copying this costume but making it a FLY instead of a BEE explains so much about Ben and why I don't like her. SHE DOESNT GET IT. The entire concept of that outfit works because its a sexy lady that can STING YOU. Its DANGEROUS BEAUTY, the MOST APPEALING form of attraction! Which is why its used by predators of the nature world over the entire planet! Its my FAVORITE THING ON EARTH. Everything I like is DANGEROUS BEAUTY. The Mugler costume is cool because its a sexy lady that could STING YOU, not a sexy lady who EATS YOUR POO!?! I mean why should Ben be allowed more camera time when there is a kid without the dough to fix his horrible teeth and a fat black mom who's sick in a hospital who actually makes an impressive transformation and is one of the best lip synchers out there and probably has saved every tip he's made since Destinys Child broke up to buy his wigs is trying his best? Nobody should say a DAMN THING, I am FINE with the editing choices and Im pulling for poor little Ben! Gosh he's GREAT for a drag gnome and he HAS faced hardships! He's from Seattle and it RAINS A LOT THERE. Ok, Ok I know his mom died when he was young and that does suck but I dunno a mom who died at 14 seems not quite a current hardship when you compare it to a mom who's currently in a HOSPITAL BED who is KEEPING HERSELF ALIVE to see you win Rupauls Drag Race?! I actually dunno why Im being so mean about Ben. I apologize, Im being a DOUCHE. I think I resent her lack of LACK OF self confidence! Im coming off like Darienne Lake who is proving to us all that fat people don't have to be jolly and can be cunts just like the rest of us! Hooray?? I actually thought her Elephant effect was a smart choice and looked good. I also really can't read Ben for copying when Courtney Act is in the room. As Ive said several times Courtney Act is totally correct, but its SO INTERESTING to me that NOBODY likes her. Some people actually ACTIVELY UNLIKE HER. I don't understand whats going on here with Courtney. She is very obviously copying fellow Australia Drag Superstar Dallas Dellaforce almost one to one on most of her looks? Are they friends? Enemies? Frenemies… I mean Courtneys outfit was the best but again it just feels like were watching Kylie in concert competing against local talent. Im not WOWED when I see something fierce Im like "cool but ok". The talent on Rupauls Drag Race has to be great but also fairly undiscovered I guess. Like Courtney should have been a judge maybe not a contestant. Thats all in retrospect though because before the show I was all "why isn't Courtney Act on the show?!" and now we know why.
Now lets talk about Adore. I hated Adore when she was first on here because she was trying to prove herself and Im sure the producers were feeding them all direction to be BIG BIG BIG personalities which was horribly annoying and now of course we all like Adore. She shouldn't win because her outfits are terrible, though I actually love her wigs as I appreciate an 80s street walker effect, but her lip synch was SO GOOD. It was VERY ENTERTAINING. Now if we hadn't seen Trinity a few times before she would have had a better shot but I feel Trinity was doing well crafted sensual moves which is her thing and Adore just WENT FOR IT. Now if we saw Adore three times before would she be as entertaining, probably not because her stunts would have been used up! This goes to show you another reason why not being in the lip synch for your life often is a good thing. You have a stockpiled arsenal of moves. Trinity had used hers up sending home lesser queens. I was sad to see Trinity go but as much as I love Jossy as a person it should have been her.


Unknown said...

Hahaha! The Big C and I are very good friends. I cant blame her for wanting to dip her toes in the lake known as Dallas. ;-)

Rico said...

I was sure it was Adore and Jossy up for elimination. Trinity had a great costume. Jossy missed the mark ( acting stupid missing the runway look intent). Jossy interview was awkward. It was the Thanksgiving dinner with relatives, do NOT talk about race, religion or politics, and she does. Adore surprised me that she actually was fun to watch. Darienne thinks she is a smart mouth but I do not laugh. That Elephant costume too "pachy' as in pachyderm fetish term for those people that force feed the 'big boys' like foie gras geese. I understand but the draping was too close to skin folds for my liking but then again I am counting calories.

Myle_cr said...

Hmmmm let's be fair now. I'm pretty sure Joslyn's interview (minus the mis-step) was relaxed conversational, charming etc etc whereas Adore's and TKB's were pretty dire and cringe-worthy.

But, certainly its a travesty that TKB is no longer with us - I wish Ru hadn't used up her save on, eugh, BdelaC - Darienne beat her fair and square.

BIANCA - mmmm - is doing it for me ... "you're a shady elephant"... I'm still smiling - but why doesn't she show any body ... He's a hottie any which way you look at it.

Matt said...

Edited as it may be, they didn't edit TKB to cal Chaz Bono "Chad" the whole time which is like rule #1 of interviewing- know your subject! Adore was bad but TKB was unacceptable. I also don't think she would do well to wear the crown ultimately because of self esteem issues and a Laganja jr persecution complex.

Bianca 4 life

David Mason said...

Yes TKB messed up the interview BUT she looked better then all of them doing it AND Joslyn really fucked up the runway and those are supposedly the two subjects of judgement the runway and the challenge. Joslyn did poorly on both. Trinity didn't fuck up the runway, I wasn't crazy about the look but at least it was in theme.

Unknown said...

I was hoping Ru would give us a surprise 3 way lip sync and then send Joslyn home. I really like Joslyn as a person, but she isn't on the same level in any aspect.

I'm not sure if it would be possible to do a 3 way with the size of the stage and the fact that 3 might just be too much going on, but it would have been an interesting twist and I think all 3 of them in one way or another deserved to be on the bottom.