Friday, April 18, 2014

The Easter Bunny was a child molester.

Ok So my mom was a probation officer where I was from in upstate New York. She seemed to have a very friendly rapport with her clients as when I was a kid and we walked around the mall strangers would randomly say "Hi Holly!" and I would know they were on probation and my mom was their officer. Well one day my mom was walking by the Easter Bunny palazzo and the Easter Bunny says "HI HOLLY!" and waves. My mom was a little startled and of course couldn't tell who it was so she asked who it was. He said "Its Larry!" ( I dunno is real name) My mom suppressing her total shock was like "Larry Bla Bla Bla?" and he was like "Yeah Larry Blah Blah Blah , I got a job!" My mother feigned a smile, immediately went home, and called the mall management because Larry Bla Bla Bla was a convicted CHILD MOLESTER?! My mom couldn't believe it for the obvious reasons. One being she couldn't believe the child molester didn't think there was anything that might be a red flag about working as the Easter Bunny and two being she never would have known if he didn't say "Hi" kind of proving that he wasn't even aware as to why he might be interested in getting a job as the Easter Bunny and why this was not exactly a good fit for him.

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