Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ive been so busy! I apologize that its too late for a Rucap of Rupauls Drag Race Season 6 episode I forgot.

Ive done three shoots in the past week and just got back from La and I don't have a laptop so I don't write while Im away. You guys all saw the episodes anyways and you know we TOTALLY AGREE so stop complaining! I did however get lucky enough to go to the finale of the show which was a dream of mine. (Yes I actually like to REVIST THROUGH THE MAGIC OF MEMORY the beginning choreography of the LAST FINALE when "The Beginning" comes on my headphones at the gym.) I wonder if my friend and I will be on camera? Look for the sparkly jacket, I'm next to him wearing PSYCHIC GIRAFFE PRINT! If we are on camera it will probably be us wagging our finger in a "Oh no she better don't" fashion because like reality everything the reactions are pre-recorded just in case the real reactions aren't any good and when the camera was right on us it was the "finger wave exercise" so if it happens its very possible I did not have that reaction, but the only times I feel that shot would be appropriate I REALLY WAS having that reaction so its ok.
Believe it or not Laganja and April Carrion looked the best. This is possible I think because I felt the finale looks were maybe a little underwhelming but thats DETOXS FAULT because she and Raja looked so cool last reunion I was expecting STRONG LOOKS, but AS ALWAYS thats my fault for having too high expectations. Thats actually my fault about this entire season. I was a little underwhelmed but thats because I EXPECT SO MUCH. Thats why Im excited for ALL STARS SEASON 2. No more pussy footin' around with these BETA FAUNA, bring me the TOP PREDATORS!
After seeing Aprils look (which looked better in person) I realized she should have been around a lot longer. She had the opportunity to reveal some of her looks if she had lasted longer and the looks were pretty strong and kinda creative and well done. Langanja looked surprisingly good though she was SLOUCHING on top of the stool that they had perched that TRANNY PARROT on. She melted as they filmed the entire show and once on camera she FAUX PROUDLY stated she was "medicated" at the moment. I was embarrassed for her FALSE PRIDE of her FALSE IDENTITY. I booed her, I also was the only one who BOOED loudly when Magnolia Crawford said she didn't watch the show. So if you hear a boo when she says it, its ME. I also refused to stand up when the person who won Ms Congeniality won. She didn't deserve it, so I wasn't gonna act like I thought she did.
The most interesting part of the show for me was when Ru came where we were sitting and waved at me, then looked AND WAVED HARDER AT ME because I was standing there with my head cocked to the side thinking "She doesn't know me? Why is Rupaul waving at me?" It was like when some kids dad dresses up as Santa and the kid FREAKS OUT because Santa is in his house even though its QUITE CLEARLY his own DAD. You see Id never seen Ru in Ru drag before so I can't believe my reactions was like "Wow look its Rupaul but who is she waving to, it can't be me?!" I actually asked her the next day if she waved at me and she said "YES! I waved at you and you were just standing there with your head cocked to the side starring at me so I WAVED AGAIN AND BENT FORWARD LIKE HEY DAVID< ITS ME RUPAUL!!! HELLO?!!!" I thought the reaction was actually quite sweet and Im glad I can still be impressed.
They filmed four endings.

(ps Im not sure if I can even write about the finale so if someone from WOW sees this and is like "Um were gonna sue you you turd puppet!" Just let me know and I'll take it down.)


Joel said...

I just caught a glimpse of you and your friend in the audience while watching Alaska's warmup video on Wow Reports. Can't wait for Monday night- actually Tuesday afternoon as us older queens need our sleep- Joel

Anonymous said...

Yes, too bad Detox couldn't "bring it" during the main episodes of her season. She fell flat over and over again.