Monday, May 26, 2014

The New Slick It Up Swimwear 2014 ad by Marco Ovando

The new Slick It Up Swimwear 2014 ad. Hope you like it. Clearly we are remaking the famous 90s Versace Ad. Hope you know it because if you don't you don't know anything important and will die an unhappy life, so I will share it with you so you can have it as an unconscious reference for future group selfies. I of course had to cast myself as Nadja. I mean c'mon.


Malibu Eric said...

gorgeous work! Buoyant congratulations to you and your team of artists! xo

Unknown said...

the guy in the Giraffe is the hottest we need to see much more of him!

M. said...

I want more of male Stepahnie Seymour.
At least a name.
Also: what is that tattoo and is it real? Same question about the peacock tattoo.