Thursday, June 19, 2014

Have you seen Tim Burtons Hansel and Gretel from 1982

I went to Tim Burtons college, Cal Arts, and I didn't even know about it. I really enjoyed seeing it because I was happy to see the things that he clearly has had intense interest in since the beginning. Stripes, that pale skinned red lipped aggressive stylish villain (Cruella Deville influence?), this "woman" with a big gibson girl/ japanese bun (Helena Bonham Carter, Lisa Marie, Winona Ryder), the spot light painted in a dark space, that wild eyed doll, the clawed hands popping out of something you didn't expect, that carousel/baby mobile thing... All these elements he's put into almost every movie and I thought it was great to see because its nice to know that if you hone your obsessions and aesthetics right you can make it into a very clear and powerful style. When he made this I wonder if he was ever aware that these things would become his signatures? Most likely no, I mean how would he even know he'd be successful? I also like seeing that he has repeated ideas first shown here in other hugely successful films because its sometimes hard coming up with NEW IDEAS all the time and its nice to see that you don't necessarily have to. You can just stick with with your current ideas and obsessions until you arrange them successfully.
Below I have put some pictures from Hansel and Gretel next to some from his other well known movies. There were many more influences, but these were just a few I remembered/recognized. There are a lot that he put in Pee Wees big adventure but Im starving and want to go eat so Im not going to bother posting those.

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