Thursday, June 19, 2014

My daily Magic Potion

I drink a magic potion each morning. This is my “summer body” potion because I’ve added a Synadrex and the Carnivor protein instead of having a bacon egg and cheese bagel for breakfast. It’s Noni, PANA C, fish oil, green vibrance, Tag glutamine, and iodine(kelp) and then a pill of synadrex(caffeine and I don’t recommend it), resveratrol, and probiotic men’s formula. I mix it all in a hand shaker and drink it with the pills.
The Carnivor is protein for muscles and the glutamine is for muscles. The fish oil is general health, “glow”, mood. The RAW probiotics is for a healthy balanced/”strong” intestinal tract. The Green vibrance and Pana C are mega vitamins with something like 400 ingredients between the two. Resveratrol is anti aging. The liqui-kelp (iodine) and Noni are both supposedly “anti cancer” and my mom died of cancer at a youngish age so I want to be sure to counter that even though I think that was a mental thing because she was impeccably healthy but a “person of principle” so strongly that I feel the combination of holding that grudge of “principle” for a lifetime and also being so incredibly “vice free” because she never had a drink or caffeine or smoked that not doing anything to have her immune system need to fight like having a drink or caffeine I feel made her body not “experienced” so when cancer came into her body it didn’t know how to fight it. She also drank diet caffeine free coke like water (it was the 80s/90s) and that shit is toxic as fuck. So that is the combo that got her I think but still I like to have my bases covered so I do the anti free radical supplements. The Synadrex I don’t recommend as its bananas and Im only doing it right now to lose 7 pounds for a summer body.

You could easily do this with just the Green Vibrance or Pana C, the fish oil, and carnivor and be fine. It would also be far more affordable. Though Green Vibrance and Pana C is fucking expensive but I don’t cook so I want the nutrients.

ALSO, not to sound like a douche but Im 39 and the only sign I have of aging is that my hair is receding on the sides and turning grey, which Im fine with, but I feel I look far younger then most people who are my age and that people who are like 32 often look way older. So something is working. I also don’t drink much, though your supposed to have one drink of any alcohol (doesn’t have to be red wine) and a cup of coffee a day which I do pretty much.


Anonymous said...

Magic potion or witch's brew? David, these products sound a bit scary especially in combination. Are you sure it wouldn't be better to just eat whole foods?

eduardo said...

what are your most perverse fantasies?

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