Sunday, July 20, 2014

This woman is a viper dangling from a vine.

Did you just see a poor woman accidentally fall from a rope swing? If you did you’re a victim of a predatory passive aggressive personality type.

This is the best example of a PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE PREDATOR at work. Do NOT feel sorry for this woman! She knew EXACTLY what was going to happen. This is the way she controls people. By GUILTING them into feeling so sorry for her they then become compliant with her needs. As soon as she lands she falsely exclaims “I can’t feel my legs…wahwahwah.. HOLD MY HAND.” He wasn’t going to hold her hand any other way. This woman is no victim, she is a PREDATOR!

Manipulating someone else’s emotions and hurting yourself to make someone else feel bad in order to control them is especially rotten. Its a stunt done in thousands of ways by millions of people. There are sooo few “accidents”. Often accidents are simply someones repurposed rage. For example your neighbor “accidentally” forgets to water your plants while you’re on vacation and they all die. It wasn’t an accident. The person was resentful that you burdened them with this chore AND that you went on a vacation and passive aggressively punishes you by letting something you care that you’ve put in their hands without their request die. This case is similar but even more twisted. This woman knows that there is a VERY strong chance this will not end well but she’s willing to take the risk because of the potential of an opportunity to manipulate other people through their guilt. She takes the jump, suffers very real pain, and although she may consciously feel regret she could not be happier because her, potentially subconscious, plan of passive aggressive control of others has them hooked!

She should be pushed off a higher cliff by children.

This “victim” is CONNIVING! She’s the ultimate predator, willing to risk physical pain to have her needs met. She’s no different then any other mega sociopath.

You just thought you saw a tragic woman hurt herself and you felt bad and maybe laughed. If you did, she tricked you. In either of those reactions she wins. I wonder if this woman is a candidate for Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy? Im pretty sure this behavior qualifies as Maunchausen Syndrome but the BY PROXY version is so much more INSIDIOUS! She’s definitely willing to hurt herself to make you feel bad so she can control you. Im forced to wonder if she would hurt others in order for you to feel bad and thus be able to control you as well.

See, and here you thought you saw one thing, and it turns out it was something quite different entirely. All you needed to be was curious enough to look beyond the surface.


JamTheCat said...

Dag,'d make an interesting detective in a mystery novel, the way you can see things so differently from the rest of us. I'll never look at stupid people videos in the same way, again.

youreviltwin said...

my evil mother has Munchausen By Proxy. She's the fucking DEVIL, David!

David Mason said...

Thank you for saying Id make an interesting detective. I never thought that!

Unknown said...


I thought the same thing when I saw it, it was bound to happen and she did it under the premise "why can't I have fun like the rest?", it's really bizarre the whole "big person" and "special" conflicts that were coined in the united states to pass the "politically correct" bullshit.
It also reminded me of a boyfriend I had who threw up inside an amusement park ride cause he was so anal retentive he coulnd't enjoy not being in control of his center of gravity and wanted me to not have any more fun without him and "hold his hand" so he could spoil my entire night. which he did.

Lucien said...

I really think a woman at work has this Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy - shw has every none discomforat ant it occurs as one stops and she is expected to do hee work - then OH I HAVE .... and can't work hard -blah blah blah and on it goes every one forgiveing here for not carrying here weight at the office

Cassette88 said...

Thank you so much for this post. It explains a lot about some people I know. God bless.