Saturday, January 17, 2015

The new Neon Candy Swim Shorts at Slick It Up are a CAVALCADE OF CANDY!

My boyfriend and I collected the best candy from around the world and then arranged it into a pattern and shot it and made a great material out of it. It was harder than you think you can't just have RANDOM CANDY. There are sort of two houses of candy once you start organizing them, chocolate not included as its an entirely different world and I don't like chocolate, and its by color its the pastels versus the rainbow spectrum. The rainbow spectrum just isn't that visually appealing and surprisingly doesn't read as candy. It sorta reads as plastic when you see it together. So we just organized the pastels and then peppered in a few more neon colors and a SWEDISH FISH because I REFUSED to make this pattern without a Swedish Fish and a Sour Patch Child.
The shorts are made of four way stretch spandex, piped in a candy coated pink, and feature a zip back pocket. Like everything Slick It Up they are made in NYC and we ship globally! Available exclusively at Slick It Up.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE this short -- totally gagging over it. But David, the price. $84 for a short? Where do I get my 10% off coupon code? I'm poor!!!!

David Mason said...

I understand the price is higher than most manufacturers but thats because we are made in Manhattan and custom make and shoot our own prints. Its all very costly to do business here but know you are supporting small businesses in NYC which keeps the design world alive:)

Anonymous said...

David, that's all good but "Where my discount?" Do I type in "candybum" at check out?