Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 1 review

I feel I might be making a mistake in reviewing the episode when Untucked is separately shown on World Of Wonder, but I'll embed it here. I can't watch it myself until my boyfriend gets home but feel free to enjoy it!

So as we all know the first episode usually sucks because we haven't established any relationships yet and the "bad tv" people are still TRYING IT and giving "BIG PERSONALITY" in an attempt to get more camera time/MAKE US HATE THEM. That said I have to say all the black girls are not interesting. I want Trinity K Bonet back! I don't dislike Ginger Minj as much as I thought I would and WHO THE FUCK IS THIS PERSON?! DOES SHE EVEN GO HERE?! Did she just sneak into episode 1??! I swear I don't remember seeing her in any of the promos?! Im not going to look up the names of the people I don't remember because if I don't remember its THEIR FAULT.
Violet Chachki is my favorite. She has the right looks AND has this edge of VENGENCE which appeals to me. How this drama of her supposedly literally stealing Sharon Needles crown and posing with it will be interesting. Who knows if she actually took it. I mean if she really is posing with her crown it doesn't mean she took it, anyone could have taken it and she just posed with it. She also asked to be my friend on Facebook a few months ago and I appreciate the acknowledgment and that may seem cheap but when you think about it ANYONES APPEAL is about how they acknowledge your existence by flipping the switches that make you tick. Violet flipped A LOT OF SWITCHES. This of course brings us to Ms. Fame another great painter and she has the right references as well but her confidence is a tad unappealing (though I will remember this is the first episode) and she MAY come off like Courtney Act. That said though Im already loving the rivalry they're painting between Violet and her. Ms. Fame is my third favorite. Max is actually number 2 for me. Her looks were SO ON POINT. She gave us Kristen Mcmenammy AND Nadja Auermann in the Helmut Newton shoot that I once referenced when I danced at Cherry in the 90s and was REPRIMANDED for being "insensitive" for so I appreciate her for knowing the right references and taking a dare. My only worry with her is that her affectations may grow tedious. She's sorta this seasons Milk but I feel certainly her own thing and far more polished.
Nobody else stands out at the moment. The one girl had a rip off of Muglers Chimera dress. This was a BAD IDEA. This is an honest to god tip for people. Don't copy shit that is executed far better than you could ever do. Yes, its nice to know that you are aware of what the best things in life are but to try and copy it youre always going to look like the SHITTY Jo-Annes house of Fabric version of if Parisian couturiers aren't accessible to you. If I copy something in a costume Im always sure to copy something that is fierce but could still has room for improvement, don't choose the end all be all penultimate best thing ever because you don't have the funds, talent, resources to execute. She called herself "a lobster" in that dress…girl its a CHIMERA…. Now you've insulted me.
The "Russian" didn't appeal to me, everything was goopey. The "mean girl" Candy Ho was just gross and looked like someone who steals from your house party out of drag.
I felt bad for the queen who went home but she withered under pressure. SHE HAD A LONG BLONDE WIG ON and didn't even twirl it around like a mad woman as she should have. It felt like she kinda froze and was very intimidated by Candy/ resigned to wanting to remain classy in defeat. As a costumer she should have known that as soon as you sew something onto nude illusion it pulls and is gonna get SAGGY. When I did that Gozer costume for Halloween last year we had to re-sew it back up 4 times because of the weight of the Swarowskis pulling it down out of place. (Here is a brief video of me crawling around on the ground after the party was over looking for money and drugs) This is actually a good example of the "Don't reference higher than you can achieve" concept as well. Gozer was FIERCE I wasn't going to beat the real model in the face but her costume actually sorta SUCKED and I knew I could do better. This is a picture of the REAL COSTUME. I wasn't going to shave my beard or do "female" but if I had I think it would have been more effective but I thought boy Gozer was actually more effective as Ive never seen a guy do it.
The show itself does look a lot better and I don't mind the addition of Carson and the other gay guy despite everyone else in the room saying they don't like them. I don't think gays can ever like another gay male though because they hate themselves too much. Its why we have no gay gay icons, we transfer it all to fantastic women which Im fine with. I like the idea of an upsy downsy more gay then straight world where we create our own concept of female because lord knows we spend enough time creating our own version of masculinity.
That said I'm looking forward to seeing more this upsy downsy world as its a world of OUR construct and it makes me so happy it exists. I get soooo sick of living in a straight dominated world that the coming of Season 7 is a serious breath of fresh air!
Oh.. Pearl looked good too but I don't like her "Im from New York" schtick being she's lived here for like a year… Girl you're from Shackabilly not New York, Im a third generation new Yorker and have lived in the city on my own since 99 and even I cringe at having to say I'm a New Yorker.


Steven Eliot said...

Thank you for doing these. I sincerely appreciate them and look forward to more. :-)

Steven Eliot said...

Thank you for doing these. I sincerely appreciate your observations.

RJ said...

"I get soooo sick of living in a straight dominated world that the coming of Season 7 is a serious breath of fresh air!"

Amen, David!
The world is far to boring. Reminds me of that Lebowitz quote that is sadly too real... “If you removed all of the homosexuals and homosexual influence from what is generally regarded as American culture, you would pretty much be left with "Let's Make a Deal”

David Mason said...

Thank you for thanking me! :) Its nice to know someone appreciate them!

Unknown said...

I felt more serene after seeing Untucked and the leaked episode 2 (not a very productive day!) I like Violet. Shameless plugging btw;)

Myle_cr said...

Bwahaha I love that in the gif of Violet Chachki's sparkly reveal you can just about see Carson Kressley gasp and throw his legs in the air in response.

Malibu Eric said...

Thank you for calming me down and reminding me this is only the first episode. Most of what I got from our contestants were 'bitchy club queen' and "I'm so happy to be here from Kansas". I expect great things from Violet and Max (fingers crossed). Love the robotic beauty of Miss Fame, she may have the "vulnerability" that Michelle demands from the queens. Still pissed at Logo for implying that there was 2.5 hrs of Drag Race when all they wanted was to foist a new sitcom on us. Thanks again David for the review.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping Pearl and Max can deliver the goods in a way Milk could not. They are provocative. I did like the first episode but thought if the nudes bits had to be obscured, then it wasn't really good TV. Yah, poor Tempest. She looked like a hot mess.

Myle_cr said...

Love these reviews - essential part of the RPDR experience.

I reckon this was the best first episode of all the Seasons - and looks like some really great contestants - mind you the "Glamour Toad" is winning me over more than the fashion girls.

Also - David mentioned his frustration last year with the lack of focus on the runway in Season 6. I wonder if he had a quiet work with RuPaul about the lack of focus on the runway in Season 6? Because this episode was ALL runway and all the better for it.

Appreciate the effort that goes into these.

David Mason said...

Myle_cr thank you for bringing that up. I FORGOT! Is true though, there is more focus and it is better because of it!

Anonymous said...

I just hope none of the gals implode mentally like last season. LaGanga Estranga had some AMAZING looks and I wanted to see more but then she had her melt down drama. Yah, the runway. One thing I really want to see -- RuPaul NOT in a long gown. I know it's his signature but he's got legs for days and I don't remember every seeing them!

Anonymous said...

What happened to Episode 2 review, David????