Saturday, April 18, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 7 Snatch Game Max

Its Saturday and its beautiful outside and I just can't seem to remember much about the episode. Whats her name black lady that we all hate didn't look so bad on the runway I remember, and Max got sent home and the other black her nobody can remember got to stay AGAIN. We all liked Max, but I have to say this, she deserved to go home for that WEIRD HORRIBLE PERFORMANCE!
Let me ELABORATE on the reasoning behind that statement. You see I really liked Max. I liked Max because she was very much HER. Very unique, very specific, and very well put together, all the right references. I was shocked to see her in the bottom two. The lip synch certainly favored Jaidynn Diore Fierce, who's last name is FIERCE only because she couldn't spell MEDIOCRE, but that should not have stopped Max. Max made the ultimate TERRIBLE decision, instead of taking and song that didn't favor her and bending it, and twisting it, and breaking it, and manipulating it into a performance that favored HER. She tried to be like that song which completely was beneath her. She should have thrown the song to the wayside and performed a completely different storyline that favored her. Do the song but re-imagine it as a crazy old lady trapped inside the CONFINES OF HER MIND?! Take us on a journey! Go WEIRD with it! Just do WHAT YOU LOOK GOOD DOING and the song will bend to your needs. GET NUTS the people will watch YOU! If you try and be something you're not were gonna pick up on it so fast and not like you for it. The LAST thing we wanna see is Max being "HOOD" EWWWWWW NOO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Stop doing these Mary J Blige hand gestures?!?! I really like Max but her being all R&B was just WRONG. She looked like she had dropped her dentures and was trying to find them SOMEWHERE ON THE STAGE with those HURKY JERKY STIFF AS FUCK WRIGGLES?! These gestures DO NOT FAVOR YOU, DO NOT TRY THEM! Max is a PRAYING MANTIS she has LIMBS, and BONES, and ANGLES, AND MIGHT BE MADE OF WOOD and thats FIERCE! She comes from a very ascended place of privilege and wisdom which makes her unique because most aren't able to access that pool of references but I feel she let that fall by the wayside, fell victim to her insecurities, didn't use her abilities, and tried to be something she's not and FAILED because of it. She DESERVED to go home for that. Its unfortunate because I think THEY BOTH SUCKED and if BOTH SUCK then it should go down to the LOOK and clearly Maxs' look was better, but whatever…
Oh THE SNATCH GAME… It wasn't so bad. The Snatch Game is interesting because its usually a TRAIN WRECK but everyone always gets so excited by it. This time it was LESS OF A TRAINWRECK. The Donatella thing was interesting but I wish they handled it a different way. I think they TOTALLY SHOULD HAVE HAD BATTLING DONATELLAS?!?! It would have been SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING to see what I see as two of the three strongest queens go head to head as the same lady. I'm pretty sure Violet would have won. It really would have been a VIOLET POWER MOVE but they sorta took that away from her. I feel like that was a LITTLE bending the script to Ms Fames favor. From what I know from these queens theres a bit of that, like ANY show, where the powers that be kind of try and steer the girls into certain situations to favor certain girls and I feel like that sorta happened here. I feel it was actually an opportunity for Violet to dominate Ms Fame and they just didn't want the villain to make the nice girl look EXTRA DUMB IN A BAD WAY. I COULD BE WRONG but I for sure would have rather seen the two of them battle as Donatella then Violet do a decent Alyssa Edwards and Ms Fame do a sorta shitty, sorta RUSSIAN, Donatella.
Violet still has not made a mistake. Go ahead and hate her, she's still correct every time. Its HARD to be correct EVERY TIME. Its one thing to reach the goal but then to HOLD ON TO IT is the hardest part and I feel she's done that. Pearl actually grows on me every episode. I like her she's not like WINNER material for me but she's definitely cool in my eyes now. I must say they are VERY talented queens. They are YOUNG. Now granted these queens have a little tool called THE INTERNET in their favor and make-up tutorials very genuinely help but if you saw pics of me when I was 22… ooooh I had the attitude and sometimes the look but there was NO make up skills. I mean I also wasn't a drag queen but I was a "club kid" and I wasn't as polished as them and coming up with looks is HARD AND EXPENSIVE. Id get paid 75$ to work at Cherry and I had to hand the money over to my CHIROPRACTOR every week for dancing all night FUCKS YOU UP. Lemme find that pic.. oh here it is... I thought that orange rubber shirt from Syren was EVERYTHING. The pants were actually semi iridescent bright blue PLASTIC but they look like JEANS in this photo for some reason. That ICEBERG BELT… WHITE?!?!?!?! ACK…… i bought it on RODEO DRIVE!!! CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIC?!!!!! NOT. but totally, but NOT. but TOTALLY.
I feel its Trixie Mattel coming back only because they showed a clip before the season started of her calling Ginger Minj a "beanbag chair" and that never aired so Im assuming its from when she comes back???? Though Id rather see Max come back and isn't the one who comes back always the one who just left??? I assume thats because they haven't flown home yet, so maybe it WILL be Max…

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