Thursday, April 23, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 8 The Make Over

Ok so this review is going to have less negative commentary because we've FINALLY gotten to a point where we don't have to spend time with people who suck because they're gone! Except for Kennedy, she still here, and she still sucks. She doesn't realize that me having to listen to her feels like caring for an invalid. Its a tedious chore. She doesn't realize as soon as words come out of her puss my brain turns into a BUS when it has to LOWER ITSELF FOR A WHEELCHAIR. I have to stop and think, OH CHRIST LET ME KNEEL THE BUS so she can be heard, waste my time with her inane witless chatter, then bring the bus back up, close the doors, and turn the bus back into a LAMBORGHINI COUNTACH. Having to dumb the world down just so she can have a place at the table is actually a negative for everyone involved. So please go read some books, libraries are fierce and free, and come back when you have something to offer. Otherwise just entertain at the Piggly Wiggly, you don't need to get up in my world, you're wasting my time.
See! Isn't this review SO NICE! Its like a fuckin BOUQUET OF DAFFODILS!!!?! Isn't that funny? I intend on having a nice happy review and one person can just fuckin POISON ME. Which is MY OWN DAMN FAULT. Its all my doing, its not Kennedy. She is not to blame, its all me. I just have poor tolerance skills and I of all people should have excellent tolerance skills considering what I DEMAND of others. So I don't take any of it back but I do own that Im being a TWATAHOLIC.
This episode was A LOT OF FUN. They brought back EVERYONE! My bf was SO HAPPY to see Tempest was back when she came out first. He jumped outta bed! You see unlike me, my bf is NICE. He had sympathy for Tempest, and I did too but C'MON. I am glad she was there but I am asking myself "Just what was it that you planned to offer us Tempest??" Im confused by her. It feels like she had no real plan once she got there. She's a nice lady just being herself. Just being is zen, zen isn't entertaining though is it.
HOW CUTE WERE Trixie and Pearl?! If Trixies personality was the character she choose to be for the challenge I would LOVE Trixie. She did a fantastic job and a DORK WHO TRIES is so charming. It borders on my favorite drag queen who was named Babara Patterson Lloyd who's entire schtick was HOW MUCH SHE SUCKED. She wanted you to BOO her and I love to BOOOO. She was AWESOME. She'd tell SUPER BAD JOKES and the crowd would go UGH and then she was just so bad you realized "OH WAIT, SHES DOING THIS ON PURPOSE?! She's a FUCKIN GENIUS?!" and its also ballsy as fuck to put yourself out there with a SOLE PURPOSE TO SUCK!
Everyone was fairly decent with their pairings and this is just as I said THE FIRST HALF OF THE SEASON ALWAYS SUCKS?! Why do people forget this?!?!?!?!?!? Remember it next time you're bitching about season 8!
This season is weird for me because Im not SUPER into anyone though Im impressed and entertained by 4 of them. I REALLY appreciate Violet and think she does everything correct but I don't know enough about HER yet to where I feel Im INTO her you know? I think she's HOT, I think she has the look, but she's a bit of a mystery. She hasn't had the background treatment yet like some of the other queens have. Its interesting how some queens get ZERO background treatment and some get a lot. Like why did we never hear Maxs' story? I IMAGINE its interesting. We know Ms Fames story, why not a back story per episode? Maybe thats just not a possibility. Maybe that could be a bit of a theme for Untucked. I like Untucked this season but like Katayas hole its TOO LOOSE. "Getting to know you" could be a good feature for Untucked. I feel like there are 4 people I like strongly for different reasons but not one Im like championing YET besides a mild crush on Violet. For example Alvaro and I are thinking of hiring some of the queens for our wedding party and the only one I can think of from this season to hire would be Violet and I don't wanna sound shady as I really like her but I don't have the emotional connection to her yet so theres really nobody from this season that Im saying WE NEED TO BOOK HER FOR THE PARTY.. AT THIS POINT.. We still have several episodes to go and Im open. Where as Detox, Alaska, and Juju Bee are the top three at the moment. Secretly we kinda like Jessica Wild too. She's SO NOT OUR STYLE but if you've ever met her she's super nice and actually QUITE WILD and fun and KOOKY, not to mention she SPEAKS SPANISH which is good for Alvaros friends. I liked Raven but she's non responsive which I feel is unprofessional and rude/angry WHICH IS WHY I LIKED HER LOL but cmon WE HAVE MONEY AND ARE FUN AND APPRECIATE YOU?! Why do you have so much anger that you DONT BOOK EASY HIGH PAYING JOBS from people who love your work?! Im gonna be shady because Im hurt by her lack of response... Have you seen Raven lately? She looks more like THE PENGUIN than RAVEN. Put the fork down chickadee?! The expression "Eats like a bird" does NOT apply to Raven?!


Martha Stewart said...

Dear David,

I hate to always be the one correcting mainly because it gets tiresome, but birds in fact eat twice their body weight a day so the expression aptly applies to Raven.

Martha Stewart

Zachariah said...

Don't feel bad for getting pissed off about the presence of Kennedy Davenport. My mom invited me over to watch with her on Monday. She's a great person to watch with because she yells at the tv and asks RuPaul through the screen (as if she can be heard) why the FUCK she keeps that retarded bitch on the show. We're both rooting for Katya at this point but we're from Boston so we may have a home turf bias.