Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Rupauls Drag Race Season 7 Episode 9 I FIGURED OUT WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!

(DO NOT READ THIS IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THE EPISODE BECAUSE I SAY WHO GETS ELIMINATED IN THE FIRST SENTENCE!!!) Ok all this season there has been this WEIRD ELEMENT I could not put my finger on but now that Ms. Fame has got the chop, and subsequently released her new video, I figured out what it is.
There is no arguing that Ms Fame GETS THE LOOK she really has it ON POINT. The make up, the dress, leather, latex, even a SWAROWSKI THONG!?! She gets it all. Everything about her says FIERCE and that she is VENOMOUS WOMAN OF RAGE AND BEWARE HER POWER. This of course WE LOVE… BUT… we love this because that woman RECOGNIZES OUR PSYCHE. We RELATE TO THAT LADY BECAUSE SHE THINKS THE SAME AS US and we love her because she "understands us". This is why we worship that woman, she's an idealized version of ourselves and very likely our mother. Sure we LOVE the visuals, but those visual choices are supposed to be congruent with a mind set of the same thing. Yet with Ms Fame this is SO NOT THE CASE. Ms Fame is a darling country bumpkin who couldn't out fierce a frog?! She has all of the visuals and NONE OF THE PSYCHE. This of course leaves us, and by us I guess I mean those 28 and older, going HUH???!?!.
See for us you come to make these aesthetic opinions because you RELATED TO THE NEED FOR THESE OPINIONS. Grace Jones didnt give herself an anvil haircut because she wanted to talk about chickens. She gave herself an anvil haircut because she wanted to SHRED HER OPPRESSORS (A strict Jamaican religious family) and she can't do that literally of course, so she does it visually. There is RAGE in her heart which has been brilliantly and creatively remodeled into a completely striking visual and because of this we not only love her but RELATE. As an 8 year old gaylien baby the first time I saw Grace I was completely captured. I told my mom I wanted to MARRY HER. Marry was the closest thing my baby brain could come up with when what I meant was ACQUIRE THAT POWER. I loved her because she was her own unique creature unbound by the standards of normal society. I related to her gender revolution as a gayby. She was also POWERFUL and men were SCARED of her. Two powers a powerless gay boy WISHES he could have. She figured out a way to say what she wanted without saying a word. In the 80s (and I think every time before the internet as well but the 80s was my experience) everything had to be done in subtext which is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT THAN TODAY. THIS is the reason why Ms Fame has all the visuals correct, but none of the "hook". Kids today live in a world were there is NOT MUCH SUBTEXT GOING ON, certainly not much going on compared to our experience. Everything is accessible and online and because of the 80s and the advent of video then basically THE INTERNET STARTS AT 1982. When I was a kid you had very limited access to imagery and cultures. Today things are much easier and accessible and because of this openness the kids are simply not as SUSPECT or SHARP. We had to operate with much more cunning being you couldn't exist openly. When I was a kid the most popular stars FOR BOYS were SATANIC DRAG QUEENS!!! This is not a lie?! Nor an exaggeration?!?!? Can you imagine if Poison or Motley Crue was around today?! They simply could NOT EXIST because there is no way in todays world where gays actually have a place at the table that visuals like they had going on could NOT be called GAY. Those visuals now equate to a very real person who everyone knows, unlike my childhood when people were RUMORED to be gay. You couldn't just type "How many gays are in the world" into google and find out there are 8 million gays in the United States. When I grew up "homo joe" lived in the woods and he had a BLUE UZI WITH YELLOW BULLETS and the TOWN LIAR Ellen Hollis had been SHOT AT by him! "Gay" could NOT exist so it had to be executed through SUBTEXT. The importance of this fact is that it proves my point regarding Ms Fame. We had a SUBTEXT going on because WE HAD TO. The visual choices MEANT SOMETHING and were SUBVERSIVE. Now because were in a society that is officially post modern and everything since 1982(I just picked that year as a point because its vaguely around that point but arguable) has been saved and regurgitated simply for the sake of visuals and that THE VISUALS MEAN NOTHING and this is how we got to MS FAME.
Just to get into the headspace a bit further, we would hide pictures of Motley Crue in the encyclopedia so we wouldn't be CONDEMNED FOR WITCHCRAFT by our caretakers?!?! SATANISM, I was into SATANISM AND WITCHCRAFT as a child because it was an ALTERNATIVE POWER and I was into that because I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BE GAY and I needed to find strength SOMEWHERE because nobody else was willing to let me be myself. Kids today have LADY GAGA telling them its great to be them, I WAS PRACTICING THE DARK ARTS as I fought an army of conservatives, not to mention COMMUNIST RUSSIA at the age of TEN?! Today gay kids can actually be gay kids, GAYS EXIST AND ARE REAL. Not like when I was a kid and they were RUMORED to exist. Sure people still have to fight for their rights and identity BUT it is VERY different today then it was for us and these kids simply do not have the rage we had growing up. Yes kids today are definitely rage full but for different reasons and the process of the rage is delivered in very different ways. The internet has changed everything so dramatically. Ms Fame for example in 48 hours as a 13 year old could follow a path of images online and know exactly what the fiercest of the fierce visually is/was but what she can't know is why those decisions were made that make what is fierce powerful and important. Thats why for us she's confusing, were used to these visuals meaning something. For her she's aping the most powerful images and it makes sense because YES ON PAPER SHES CORRECT, but then when we ask her a question we realize she's just empty visuals. This is why she's standing there befuddled when we say something that anyone of this genre in our world would comprehend and thus why she got the chop.
THE SAME THING GOES FOR TRIXIE MATTEL! Her FACE PAINT says POLTERGEIST CLOWN but her demeanor is SWEET GAY KID WHO WORKS AT APPLEBEES. On sight we see her face and think "This make-up is a comment on pageantry, barbie, and make up as a whole" but then we meet her and thats not the case. She doesn't get why this is "wrong" to us and why to young people she's "fierce" and why were all like NO YOURE DOING IT WRONG?! Her paint job is straight up EVIL CAMP yet I think she came to those decisions because she knows old school drag is old and tired and knows the new style of queen is more "post modern" but what she doesn't get is WHY Alaska looks like Alaska. Trixie is again empty visuals, she gets the visuals and has done her own thing with them but too much time has gone on between the punk movement of Alaskas look and Trixies face. What were dealing with now is OUR CHILDREN. They have the SEVERITY down because of our influence but they don't know WHY they're severe and this is why I feel VIOLET CHACHKI is CORRECT.
Violet actually does the HARD TUCK. She understands why SUFFERING IS IMPERATIVE TO THE QUALITY OF LOOK. She gets the HEAD TRIP. This is not just artifice for her. She is LIVING THE FANTASY. Im fully behind Violet Chacki, she might be young but she's of the right mindset and not just empty visuals.
This brings me Kataya. HEED THIS WARNING. DO NOT FALL FOR THE "NICE PERSON SHOULD WIN" thing you fell for with Jinx Monsoon and then wondered "Why the fuck did we not give the money to Alaska?!" !!!! Kataya is NICE. She seems like a cool person and I think we all want to like her and for her to be funny. I am NOT saying this to be a cunt but Im saying this because I see a lot of people heading down that Jinx path.. SHE ISNT THAT FUNNY. She's KIND OF FUNNY she's FUNNY ENOUGH, she's FUNNY LIKE A FRIEND and FUNNIER THEN THE OTHER GIRLS but THAT IS NOT ENOUGH TO WIN!!!! Kataya has put out A LOT of media and we watch it and were like "that was kinda cute but… why do I kinda feel bad for her?" A lot of what she does has this sadness behind it to me which I feel bad for not liking her for but I don't wanna feel bad for anyone! I DO LIKE HER. ID GO SEE HER SHOW. Don't think I DONT like her, but cmon, she's not WINNER material. Violet is DELIVERING. She has beauty and sex appeal AND is creative and this should be honored. Fuck it if she's not funny, none of the women I like are really funny besides Dolly Parton and we already sealed "funny" with Bianca. Lets go for edgy, strong, beautiful, creative, and talented. Lets go for Violet.
Pearl is cool, I like Pearl but Pearl is like an evolved and intelligent Adore to me..but WAY BETTER than Adore. I don't want her to think I think she's only as good as Adore because Pearl is actually quite cool but my vote is still going to Violet. Violet for the win.


Steven Eliot Burns said...

Could not agree more. Violet is willing to suffer for her art and that matters. Not because I want her to do old school drags, but because I want more full body drag (projecting from within) not just illusion/paint.

Arnaud Mayet said...

This week: drama in the work room. Violet coughs violently. "I think I swallowed a feather!"
Last week: "I'm doing this thing now where I tell people when I'm complimenting them in case there's confusion..."
First week: Violet wins the challenge, enters the workroom: "I HATE Michelle Visage!"
Violet is hilarious on top of being the best look EVERY WEEK!

David Mason said...

I agree Arnaud!

Zachariah said...

Fame is a makeup artist not a drag queen. If she can learn the look she can learn the references and own the character she has created. Here's hoping she does. Violet is the best in show. Hands down even though I love Katya.

I nominate you for official RuPaul's Drag Race FIERCENESS COACH. Picture this: you gather the queens into a fluorescent classroom glittering with crystals, pit crew behind you looking sexy in Slick it Up. Riding crop in your hand and a poster of Grace Jones diagramming her importance. And by diagram I mean just a photo. And you school the children. *riding crop crack*

My imagination has run amok. I absolutely love your reviews.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for expressing in words the reasons why I don't like Trixie! If you go for a look as severe as her's you need to back it up with some attitude/drama.

David Mason said...

Zacharia thank you! and yes Ms Fame is such a talented make up artist she should be known for being a talented make up artist, not a performer.

M. Z said...

First I'd like to say that I absolutely adore your commentary and constantly check back for it like I'm tracking a package.

I'm of two minds regarding the winner. My passionate side, my intellectual side, the side that looks for this edge says Violet and has said so from week two. I say week two because that's when I could detect her absolute commitment and that what she brought from week one wasn't a fluke. Specifically, when her team bent down for the oxygen masks during the Glamazonian Airways challenge, I noticed that she was committed to bending down in that very burlesque manner, hip cocked, back arched, like a cat ready to pounce, but still very much in a way that we recognize as ladylike. The others merely bent down and picked up the prop. I don't know why, but this image has remained in my head. Seeing this awareness of movement and mannerism and character each time Violet puts on drag excites me.

On the other hand, my practical side says Katya or more likely Ginger will win. With World of Wonder, among other entities, getting a cut out of the Battle of the Seasons Tour, they want a winner who is an affable, jokey performer, not the edge behind the visual edge you speak of. Not to say that the queens on the tour don't have it, but that I feel like the judges are constantly looking past Violet's references and intellectual performance for comedic performance, a performance they know will sell tour tickets.

This is getting long, so I'll stop rambling.

David Mason said...

M.Z im so glad you appreciate them! Thanks for letting me know. Im glad you notice the details as well for thats what Violet is doing them for. She's speaking a secret language for those who are sharp enough to understand.

vincent vignuolo said...

Did you create Ru's dress? It had the look of something from your creative mind.

rob rumsey said...

I AGREE 100%. I do like Katya's videos on Youtube though. Miss Fame is a flawless makeup artist and looks coo in other people designs and wigs, but she hasn't earned her look because she doesn't know what it all means. Violet gets references and knows who she is as a performer and a visual. When Violet gets ready, she puts HERSELF on and when Fame gets ready-she puts on what everyone else will think is sickening. My only fear is it will come down to the public vote and a "relatable" drag queen will win. I'm so sick of relatable and likable being rewarded over of powerful and untouchable.

David Mason said...

I agree Rob REWARD ROBOTS!!!

Vncnt D said...

Excellent commentary, with real substance and flair (and not just some amusing snarky comments like with most other posts of this sort). I agree 100% about Violet and I think she WILL win. Your analysis of Fame and Trixie is also on-point. There is a curious schism between Trixie's look and her personality. She is clearly meant to be some grotesque mutation of the Barbie brand and the notion of a "life in plastic" but she rarely attempts to carry this idea through her actual performances. (Meanwhile, many of her fans seem to take her persona at face value, as though she really did look like Barbie.) Her mediocre performance on the Divine Inspiration challenge couldn't have been more telling. Here she had the ability to impersonate Divine, to perform in a John Waters tribute, and what she gave us was … the Hollywood remake of Hairspray with John Travolta. It's interesting to me too how everyone is complaining about how mediocre this crop of queens is when in fact Violet is one of the few actual contestants, from seven seasons of RPDR, who can genuinely be said to offer us a glimpse into the future of drag. She is a superstar in the making.

David Mason said...

Thank you Vncnt , I agree